Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

Wood Crafters is dedicated to perpetuating the model builder, not the model buyer.

Woody Rules by Ray Hayes LSF 803

If you didn't build it, you can't fly it, with the following exceptions:

A one off you purchased that was built in the continental USA by a USA citizen.

Construction rule:

  1. Wing and Stab are built up from wood.
  2. No restriction on spar construction or materials.
  3. No Molded D-Tube leading edge construction.
  4. Fuselage can be wood, glassed wood, molded Fiberglass including the fin, or carbon tail boom.
  5. Carbon reinforcement can be used on any part of the structure.

Exception for Wood Crafters Ladder and Longest Flight events or Fun Flying:
The old Hobie Hawk and Graupner Cumulus can be flown.

A message to all those interested in continuing the events for "Woodys" using my Wood Crafter rules noted above.

Ray Hayes LSF 803

The Wood Crafter's rule has proven to be very popular, it is not just for AMA's Nostalgia class or RES class, it actually can promote modern design, building techniques and materials used for sailplanes that can be launched as high as the molded carbon D-Tube ARF designs without restrictions to controls.

There is great pleasure and pride in building our own, we builders know that. Wood Crafters was my attempt to keep the hobby of building your own alive and well. There is a resurgent in the number of builders, in part, due to the Internet Groups like RC Groups. http://www.rcgroups.com/aircraft-sailplanes-95/

Since the start of my Wood Crafter events, many clubs have sponsored very successful " Woody " events using my Wood Crafter's rules. To keep the Woody events alive and well, you will have to push your club to sponsor a Woody event. The story of most sailplane clubs has been a rush to the store bought ARF sailplane planes, very powerful winches with very heavy tow lines and a decline in membership due to the woody builders dropping out.

Dropping out is a mistake, but easier to do than stand up for your interests.

Hopefully, club leaders will recognize that a successful sailplane club serves all enthusiasts equally and not just self interest. But, it is up to you, to not let others push your interests aside.

If you belong to a sailplane club, designate a weekly day or evening for Woody flyers to gather and enjoy flying their creations with fellow woody enthusiasts. The same can be set up for Hand Launch, Electric's and Aero Tow. It is all good.

Wood Crafters

Wood Crafters #10 June 1-2-3, 2018 entry form

Here is the plan for this year's events. First, note that a 100 inch wing span has been added to electric launch only category, where as you can fly any size span in the Winch-Hi Start or Electric Launched 2 Minute Ladder or Longest Flight tasks.

Now that we're doing a three day Reunion, we each need to know when the rubber Hi Start 1.5M and Sunbird E Group Launching will occur so we can plan what self timed events we want to sign up for before mailing our entry form.

So let's start each day with the Hi Starts first and then the Sunbirds at the same location This means three rounds each morning of each. Note the tasks are not a Ladder program, you will have only nine flights, if you register for all three days, to record in which of the nine time slots you chose on time card AFTER your flight ends. This first time we will be allowed to move a flight time from one box to another box, next year we will not be able to move our times around. Dan Pruss of the SOAR NATS in the Chicago area had a task of 2 and 10 minutes, we had one minute from leaving the tow to declare if were were flying the 2 or the 10. Think about the required (guessing in most cases) strategy. We each will need a timer by our side, you will be called up to your group and need to have your timer with you. The times achieved are added to determine the winner. No Landing Points. If you have chosen to fly less than three days, you will have each of the three Flights per day you chose to fly to accumulate your score. No make up flights will be allowed. This year we will have pre printed score cards for all the events.

After the above events, Take a brake and then move on to your chosen self timed events. Jack will be set up with his Winch and Retriever and for those not involved with the Mini Hi Starts or Sunbirds, you can be Fun Flying or flying the other events you signed up for right from the start. YUP ..... Wood Crafters is all about having fun flying our Woodys.

See you under the large canopy for required 8AM sign in and daily 9AM Pilots Meeting. Persons not preregistered will not be allowed in the flying areas according to AMA rules

Woodys Forever

Wood Crafters 2018 June 1, 2, 3, 2018
Wood Crafters 2017 June 3, 4, 2017
Wood Crafters 2016 June 4, 5, 2016
Wood Crafters 2008 June 27, 28, 29, 2008
Wood Crafters 2007 May 24, 25, 26, 27, 2007
Wood Crafters 2006 May 25, 26, 27, 28, 2006
Wood Crafters 2005 May 26, 27, 28, 29, 2005
Wood Crafters 2004 May 27, 28, 29, 30, 2004
Wood Crafters 2003 May 23, 24, 25, 2003
Wood Crafters 2002 May 25, 26, 2002

Click here for larger picture.
Otto Heithecker with Jim Vanderzyl's
Challenger, Wood Crafters 2002

October 25, 2007
Otto Heithecker's memorial service Eulogy
Written and read by Karl Heithecker.

Otto Heithecker and John Neilson
Wood Crafters 2004
Otto and John Neilson

Otto Heithecker and his full scale
Otto enjoyed his full scale sailplane too.
L-R Bob Robinson - Gordon Pearson

Otto Heithecker at a classical DARTS contest
Otto drove from his home in Knoxville, TN every year to attend Wood Crafters.

What is Wood Crafters ???

Starting with my first WC event, 2002, I realized it was a fun fly with the emphasis on friendship. We had entries from people I flew with back in the mid seventies at the Chicago SOAR Nat's, we had entries from guys that flew the Soar Nat's in the Junior class. In many ways, it was and is a reunion of folks that ENJOY flying what they built with their own hands. And now I cherish the new friendships as much as I cherish the old friendships. You will too.

The Wood Crafters rules and events allow and attract the older and New Designs designs. We have had entries from day one that come to fun fly and nothing else. The most popular events are the Longest Flight and the Ladder, which is about as close to an organized fun fly as you can get. These are self timed events and thanks to 2.4, that means we fly anytime we wish too. The rules allow us to fly designs from the beginning of RC Sailplanes on up, this means we are not an AMA Nostalgia event limited to a cut off date of Jan. 1980.

And this year, Wood Crafters will have the expert help from Barb Robinson, a woman that has been involved with RC Soaring since the Seventies. She and her husband Bob have been flying RC Sailplanes together at all the events in our four state area. One the things she has volunteered for is securing a place for our Saturday Night Dinner. She ask that the WC entry forum include an area to sign up for the Dinner so she can have an idea of how many of us to plan for.

To give her a heads up on the answer, you can post your intent to this thread now to give her an earlier start on her search for a restaurant.

We owe a big thank you to Greg Prater, he kept the Wood Crafters event going at the AMA field when I stopped holding them. Greg is the guy in charge of the AMA plans service who does all of the printing of my Sky Bench kit plans.

Wood Crafters entry fee for two days of flying fun is $15 and supported by my long time flying buddy and fellow LOFT club member, Jack Smith. Jack runs the winch /retriever and is a gratious host to all that he serves. You can bring your own Hi Start, the only Hi Starts we provide are for the Mini Hi Start 1.5M Group Launching event that will occur each day.

Always wise to secure a room in Muncie early . Many entrants arrive Friday and fly at the same field we fly the events on. Check below for a list of Motels.

Woodys Forever

2008 Hotel Information (Muncie & surrounding areas)

Hotel NamePhone Address
Best Western (765) 282-0600 3011 W Bethel Ave
Lees INN (765) 282-7557 3302 N Everbrook Ln
Signature INN (765) 284-4200 3400 Chadam Ln
Holiday INN Express (765) 289-4678 4201 W Bethel Ave
Fairfield INN (765) 282-6666 4011 W Bethel Ave
Super 8 Motel (Muncie) (765) 286-4333 3601 Foxridge Ln
Super 8 Motel (Anderson) (765) 642-2222 2215 E. 59th St
Days INN (765) 288-2311 3509 N Everbrook



Sky Bench Aerotech 

Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46804