Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

10th Annual Wood Crafters Report - 2018

Ray's Favorite Photos

More photos and text to follow.

Canopy and Electric Windfrees
Steve Merrill and Ernie Blenkle's canopy set up early Friday morning. Those are their Electric powered Windfrees under the canopy and Ernie's beautiful green and white Electric 1.5M SUNBIRD in front of the canopy.
L-R. Jim Deck is saying Good Morning to Paul Wilson from Iowa who is just starting to up set up. The weather turned perfect for RC Soaring.
The guys came prepared, Friday Night Cook Out. Nothing But Fun At Wood Crafters.
L-R .. Wayne, Steve and Chef John and more not in the photo.
Suter and Harris
L-R .. Bill Suter, Don Harris. Normally, Don is a calm, reserved, thoughtful guy, but look what Wood Crafters changes him into. An entertainer, see Bills reaction, he is loving it.
Action Shot - sitting
This is a Wood Crafters action photo, there are three pilots following the thermal down wind and three pilots watching the launches into the wind. Normally we are launching into a west wind that puts us on the other side of the paved entrance way.
L-R.. Gary Bussell, Ken Shaw, Jim Deck.
Oly II being launched
Ryan launching Gary's Oly ll while Jack attends the retriever. Pilot in background is following the lift down wind. The AMA field in Muncie is the very best place to fly RC Sailplanes, we are located in the middle of this huge field giving pilots the freedom to range very far. I live a tad over an hours drive time from the field and enjoy flying here during the entire year.
Check the site map, we are flying on field 3.
Don Harris launching his Electrified Gentle Lady
Steve Merrill going for the longest fligth
Don Harris of Ohio Launching his Electrified Gentle Lady to win the Longest Flight E category with a nearly one hour flight.
Steve Merrill of Illinois joining Don to also try for a Longest Flight with his electric Windfree.
Hero and Winch-Retriever
Gil Gauger was everyone’s Hero, stricken with problems walking, he showed up to fly. Note the special chair he is using and leg braces, this guy is super tuff. Another tuff guy pictured here is 83 year old Jack Smith managing the Winch-Retriever equipment all three days by himself. Gil and Jack have been involved with promoting our wonderful hobby every year since the beginning of RC Soaring. Best to both of you.
Merlyn launching and Retriever/Winch
This is a good explanation of what Wood Crafters is all about. Lots of flying!
L-R ... Jim V, Ken Bates launching his design kitted by Sky Bench the huge Merlyn, Gary N, Ryan W. And Jack Smith with his Retriever/Winch.
Bill Suter and his Gulf Coaster
Bill Suter with his Sky Bench GULF COASTER, he flew it into the clouds and bad things happened.
Another kit produce by Sky Bench designed by Ken Bates, the Windlord. It is also a great electric design. Jim Deck is up next.
Eric P and his Osprey 100
Eric P.'s Osprey 100, kitted by Sky Bench, headed for Cloud base.
Paragon being launched
L-R ... Bill S., Jim V., Ryan launching his beloved Paragon kitted by Sky Bench and Jack, relaxed as usual, showing it only takes one hand to operate his retriever.
Mass launch of 100 inch electric class
Mass launch of 100" Electric class. Everybody is putting an Electric motor on the front of woody RC Sailplanes. Note two of them are Windfrees.
WF-XL and Greg
Greg Smith launching his beautiful WF-XL, A Sky Bench kit.
Greg and Jim
Greg and Jim with their planes
Greg and Jim, flying buddies since the 1970's renew their friendships at Wood Crafters every year.
Bill Friend and his Skybird
Bill Friend got back to RC Soaring this year with a Sky Bench SKY BIRD, hopefully he will fly with us next year.
Mini Hi Start
David doesn't seem to be too happy with his Mini Hi Start entry. L-R ... in the background are Steve and John, Ray and Bill.
This is the first event of the day each morning, way up in the top left is Jack setting up his winch-retriever.
Mini Hi Start Group
The Mini Hi Start Group .. L-R ... Me, pretending to hold my Lil Bird 2, Joe, Mark, the winner with his Sky Bench Lil Bird 2, Paul, Wayne, Steve, John.
Trophy Winners
The Trophy Winners, L-R ... Jeff, Jim, Mark, Ken, Don , note.. he won three events, Ken, Steve. Missing is Mike with his trophy for winning the Sunbird event. Congratulations.
Sunbird Sunbird again
A beautiful Sky Bench 1.5M Sunbird with an electric motor installed. We had a group of guys that joined in on the Tribute Event to Dave Thornburg and his design. We used Group Launching with a four minute max. I thought there would be a fly off, I assumed most would make the max time. Not to be.
David and I didn't finish our kits, but I'm sure we will be ready for next year. We used 15 second motor run that took the Sunbirds way up there, will consider using 10 or 12 second motor runs. I'll check out the different motor run times and decide. The 15 second motor did not insure a max flight and we did not have a fly off, scores were pretty well separated. No one had any meaning full stick time prior to the event.
I'll report my experience with the different motor runs, hopefully in April or May.
Sunbirds being launched Sunbirds being launched - next step in time Sunbirds in the sky
Ready, 1-2- Launch !!! 15 sec motor run, 4 Minute flight task, no landing tape/points.
L-R ... John (barely showing in pic), Mike, the winner, Gary, Steve, David, Ernie, Gil.
There are four Sunbirds in the sky photo. David, next year we have to be flying ours.
Testors Cement for Wood Models
I am still building my Sunbird ( July 15, 2018 ) for next year.

This is the glue I use in place of CA glue. I use it in the spar structure, wing ribs, laminating the 1/64th ply doubler to the front fuse sides (use weights), stab and fin. Weighs less than CA .

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