Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

Wood Crafters 2018 Report

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Wood Crafters 2018 Reunion Entry Form (PDF)
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Wood Crafters #10 ... 37 Entries List
Updated May 24, 2018

Wood Crafters # 10 Trophy List
1.5M Ray's Mini Hi Start
E Sunbird __________ 15 Second Motor Run
Electric 2M 2 Min Ladder __15 Sec Mtr Run
Electric 2M Longest Flight _15 Sec Mtr Run
Electric 100" 2 Min Ladder _ 15 Sec Mtr Run
Electric 100" Longest Flight _15 Sec Mtr Run
Winch 2 Min Ladder
Winch Longest Flight
Electric 2 Min Ladder ___ 30 Second Motor Run
Electric Longest Flight ___ 30 Second Motor Run

Wood Crafters # 10 Electric Sunbird /
1.5 M Mini Hi Start Entry List
June 1-2-3, 2018
E-Sunbird contestants:6
Ernie Blenkle
Steve Merrill
Mike Cramer
David Siepker
Paul Wilson
Gary Neuzerling
1.5M Mini Hi Start contestants:7
Mark Groves
David Siepker
Steve Merrill
Paul Wilson
Wayne Norrie
John Sager
Ray Hayes

Wood Crafters #10 2018 Unlimited Scores
Unlimited Winch 2 Minute Ladder --- Red Card
Unlimited Winch Longest Flight ----- Green Card
Unlimited Electric 2 Minute Ladder - Yellow Card
Unlimited Electric Longest Flight --- Orange Card
Give Cards to Score Keeper Daily
All scores will be Posted Daily
Attend the Pilots Meeting Each Morning
to reduce on field questions.

Wood Crafters 2018 # 10 Reunion

Wood Crafters

Tenth Annual Soar In Reunion

June 1, 2, 3, 2018

Site 3, AMA Field, Muncie, Indiana

AMA Sanction 18-307, Ray Hayes CD

Entry Deadline May 12, 2018

World's Premier Event for Woodys. Nothing but fun.

Here is the plan for this year's events. First, note that a 100 inch wing span has been added to electric launch only category, where as you can fly any size span in the Winch-Hi Start or Electric Launched 2 Minute Ladder or Longest Flight tasks.

Now that we're doing a three day Reunion, we each need to know when the rubber Hi Start 1.5M and Sunbird E Group Launching will occur so we can plan what self timed events we want to sign up for before mailing our entry form.

So let's start each day with the Hi Starts first and then the Sunbirds at the same location This means three rounds each morning of each. Note the tasks are not a Ladder program, you will have only nine flights, if you register for all three days, to record in which of the nine time slots you chose on time card AFTER your flight ends. This first time we will be allowed to move a flight time from one box to another box, next year we will not be able to move our times around. Dan Pruss of the SOAR NATS in the Chicago area had a task of 2 and 10 minutes, we had one minute from leaving the tow to declare if were were flying the 2 or the 10. Think about the required (guessing in most cases) strategy. We each will need a timer by our side, you will be called up to your group and need to have your timer with you. The times achieved are added to determine the winner. No Landing Points. If you have chosen to fly less than three days, you will have each of the three Flights per day you chose to fly to accumulate your score. No make up flights will be allowed. This year we will have pre printed score cards for all the events.

After the above events, Take a brake and then move on to your chosen self timed events. Jack will be set up with his Winch and Retriever and for those not involved with the Mini Hi Starts or Sunbirds, you can be Fun Flying or flying the other events you signed up for right from the start. YUP ..... Wood Crafters is all about having fun flying our Woodys.

See you under the large canopy for required 8AM sign in and daily 9AM Pilots Meeting. Persons not preregistered will not be allowed in the flying areas according to AMA rules

Woodys Forever




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Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46804