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Updated May 26, 2017

Woodys Forever                                                                 June 3-4, 2017 AMA field - site 3

Wood Crafters June 3-4, 2017

My first Wood Crafters event was 2002 and ran consecutively thru 2008, continued in 2016 after Greg Prater held this event from 2009 thru 2015. We owe Greg a big thank you.

This year, approximately a week before the event, the weather forecasted a complete washout including Friday. Not to be, starting Friday, we had the most beautiful blue skies and slight wind conditions you could imagine. Everyone was smiling and we got our fill of RC Soaring over the weekend. Tom Boice gave a nice talk at our Saturday Night Dinner on the connectivity between us woody builders and the SAM organization events.

Why Wood Crafters, well building your own got started way back in the thirties with free flight models. I built my first free flight in 1941 thanks to my Uncle Lenny and the Dinning room table. Many RC sailplane clubs were born due to radio control becoming available in the late sixties and early seventies. I got the LOFT club in Ft Wayne started Jan, 1975 after holding my first RC Sailplane contest as a member of a power club November, 1974. So I'm pretty well rooted in this Hobby and don't want to see it disappear. Most sailplane clubs let the advent of the ARF run most of the woody builders off the field with hard core contests and super strong winches designed exclusively for the mouldies to launch like rockets. My first Wood Crafters had approximately 60 entries, were down in the 40's now, we have work to do and I can't do it alone.

Our reunion's activities this year were a 2M E Group Launching won by Gary Neuzerling, Ray's 1.5 Mini Hi Start Group Launching won by John Sager, Longest Winch Launched Flight won by Bob Robinson , 2 Minute Winched Launched Ladder won by Greg Smith, Longest Electric Powered Flight won by Ken Bates, 2 Minute Electric Launched Ladder won by Ken Bates. Congratulations to all that competed in these events. I was hoping to get in some Fun Flying, but it didn't work out for me, I'm glad many others did enjoy this part of Wood Crafters.

I'm already planning next year's Wood Crafters Reunion, we will have the same events as above plus .... a tribute event to commemorate Dave Thornburg and his Sunbird design. This will be for Electric Sunbirds and will be Group Launching. No landing points, but must land with in the area we use for the 1.5 MiniHiStart event. I may have given up on trying to use the recorded 6 minute version, it may be more fun having someone time your flights. Six already have signed up for this additional event.

I would very much like to have a tribute event to commemorate Mark Smith and his Dad Ron for their Windfree design. This will be for electric powered Windfrees with Group Launching with an eight minute flight task. No landing points, but must land within the describe large area, same as the 1.5 , 2M and Sunbird events. I need a minimum of three flyers to enter this event or it won't happen. Please join in on this, I need a motivation to have an electric powered Windfree like Steve has. His was beautiful!

A new Wood Crafters field rule I never envisioned until this past Wood Crafters Reunion: "Persons not registered as participants can not fly anything" . This actually effects the CD's responsibilities and liabilities since Wood Crafters is an AMA sanctioned event. Visitors are welcomed they just can't fly anything.

Thanks to these folks that helped me and made Wood Crafters #9 a reality.

Jack Smith, Barb Robinson, Chris Braman, hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

And we will be forever grateful to the photographers and their great photos of our gathering.

Let's do this again, same time, same place.

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