Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

The Wood Crafters 2007 Reunion, Thursday and Friday will include:

  1. Fun fly.
  2. MOM launched by hi start for One of a Kind contest featuring the Gulf Coaster.
  3. Ray's 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 14 min. duration. Pilot calls the task at the end of the flight.
  4. Ladder, three minute steps with no penalty.
  5. Longest Flight.

Wood Crafters is dedicated to perpetuating the model builder, not the model buyer.

If you didn't build it, you can't fly it, with the following exceptions:
A one off you purchased that was built in the continental USA by a USA citizen.

Construction rule:

  1. All flying surfaces are built up from wood.
  2. No restriction on spar construction or materials.
  3. No Molded D-Tube leading edge construction.
  4. Fuselage can be wood, glassed wood or molded Fiberglass.

Wood Crafters is one entry per ch with the exception of team entry.

Last years participants have until March 16 to sign up for 2007.

Registration will open on remaining open ch March 17.

The Reunion is a great way to accomplish the LSF Level l and Level ll tasks.

Ray Hayes skybenchone@gmail.com

Wood Crafters 07 Championship Contest will include a modified Nostalgia Class and 2M unl, RES 104, RES unl and Unlimited classes.

May 26 - 27, 2007

Class Designation ..................

Class A 2meter unlimited
Class B 104" or less RES
Class C RES unlimited
Class D Unlimited
Class E Nostalgia 100 inch or less
Class F Nostalgia Unlimited

Enter any number of the classes, rounds will be flown in time windows, so it will be up to you to get all your flights in. Choose the number of classes wisely, the round could end before you have finished flying all your chosen classes. This also means "do not delay the launch line" and cause someone to miss there flights because after you hooked up, you stood at the winch rather than launching immediately.

The important thing to consider is entering the number of classes you will have time to finish. Window time will be based on number of size class entries. Example, I'm going for all the classes, but I may have to drop some if we have a large turn out.

The winning Grand Champion points will be based on the total of any three of the Class A through Class D size classes you designate prior to the start of the contest.

There will be a Nostalgia Champion trophy for those that choose to compete in both Nostalgia size classes. The top points accumulated both days in both Nostalgia size classes wins the trophy.

Hope you can sign up for Wood Crafters 2007 and enjoy flying with your fellow woody buddies. Sign up only on last years ch.

Ray Hayes, skybench.com skybenchone@gmail.com Home of the Wood Crafters

Wood Crafters 07 Trophy List

  1. Gordon Pearson's Scale Rules: 1st - 3rd
  2. Soar In Championship 2007 - Ray's Unlimited Fun Scale: 1st
  3. 2007 Soar In Reunion - Three Minute Ladder: 1st - 5th
  4. 2007 Soar In Reunion - Precision Duration: 4-6-8-10-14 1st - 3rd
  5. 2007 Soar In Reunion - Longest Flight
  6. 2007 Soar In Reunion - Gulf Coaster .. One of a Kind 1st - 3rd
  7. Soar In Championship 2007 - 2 Meter Unlimited: 1st - 3rd
  8. Soar In Championship 2007 - RES 104" Standard Class: 1st - 3rd
  9. Soar In Championship 2007 - RES Unlimited Class: 1st - 3rd
  10. Soar In Championship 2007 - Unlimited: 1st - 3rd
  11. Soar In Championship 2007 - Nostalgia:100" or less: 1st - 3rd
  12. Soar In Champoinship 2007 - Nostalgia: Unlimited 1st - 3rd
  13. Soar In Championship 2007 - Grand Champion: 1st place *
  14. Soar In Championship 2007 - Grand Champion: 1st - 5th Place

* Grand Champion Traveler Trophy, engraved with past winners names.

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