Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

Wood Crafters 06 Photo Album and Report

Greg Bell, Don Harris, and a 2m Lil Bird
Greg Bell with his Sky Bench 2m Lil Bird and Don Harris are headed for Wood Crafters 06

The Wood Crafters event is many different things to many people, read the emails below, to see that Wood Crafters can be the starting point for folks new to RC Sailplanes or those returning to this great hobby of building and flying Woodys.

We offer any and all assistance to help new folks fly at Wood Crafters.


Please sign me up for Saturday and Sunday on channel 30. I have never flown in a sailplane contest and will need help with the launch. But, hey, someone's got to finish last right?


I'll email the entry form to you separately, please print it off, fill in the info and mail it back to me with the entry fee. I will sign you up on the entry form for the appropriate size class group which is Class F.

I know this is a big step for you to enter your first contest, but my Wood Crafters contests are very laid back, no pressure, just fun with a bunch of nice guys all flying woody sailplanes they built with their own hands.


Thanks for the entry form. I will get it back to you soon. I used to fly sailplanes with a club in Austin, Texas back in the early 80s. For several years I competed in free flight at the Nats. Nothing could be more laid back than free flight at the Nationals!. Of course I was never competitive, but it was a good time and some quality time with my two sons. To me model airplane building and flying is just something I have done most of my life ( I am 55). Balsa flys best!

Thanks again,

Wood Crafters

Fifth Annual Soar In Reunion

May 25, 26, 27, 28, 2006

AMA Flying Site, Muncie, Indiana


  1. Best Western (765) 282-0600
  2. Holiday Inn Express (765) 289-4678
  3. Signature Inn (765) 284-4200 *******
  4. Radisson Hotel Roberts (765) 741-7777
  5. Ramada Inn (765) 288-1911

Wood Crafters 06 Photo Album and Report

Entry Information

World's Premier Event for Woodys. Nothing but fun.

Events are:

Scale with Gordon's Rules.All four days.
Fun Scale with Ray's Rules.All four days.
Fun Scale has two size classes:
Class A64" or less WS, MOM from Mini Hi Starts.
Class BUnlimited with three flights of up to an hour each.
Launched by pilots choice of aero tow or winch.
Unlimited number of attempts during 4 days.
Fun Fly:Thursday and Friday with the following optional contests:
3 Minute Ladder, Longest Flight (Not from aero tow).
Speed 400, MOM, 9.6 volt, 15 minute windows.
WC 05 Soar In Championship.
Saturday and Sunday for 2M Unlimited, RES 100" or less, RES 100" or more, and Unlimited.
High Score "Best Awards" for:Challenger, Astro Jeff, OLY II (original airfoils)

Wood Crafters 06 Trophy order list.

It will take four glorious days to award all of the Trophies.

  1. Gordon Pearson's Scale Rules: 1st - 3rd
  2. People's Choice - Best Scale Sailplane
  3. Soar In Championship 2006 - Unlimited: 1st - 3rd
  4. Soar In Championship 2006 - 2 Meter Unlimited: 1st - 3rd
  5. Soar In Championship 2006 - RES Standard Class: 1st - 3rd
  6. Soar In Championship 2006 - RES Unlimited Class: 1st - 3rd
  7. Soar In Championship 2006 - Ray's Unlimited Fun Scale: 1st - 3rd
  8. Soar In Championship 2006 - Grand Champion: 1st place
  9. Soar In Championship 2006 - Grand Champion: 2nd & 3rd Place only
  10. Soar In Championship 2006 - Best OLY II
  11. Soar In Championship 2006 - Best Challenger
  12. Soar In Championship 2006 - Best Astro Jeff
  13. 2006 Soar In Reunion - Three Minute Ladder: 1st - 3rd
  14. 2006 Soar In Reunion - Ray's Mini Fun Scale: 1st - 3rd
  15. 2006 Soar In Reunion - Longest Flight
  16. 2006 Soar In Reunion - Speed 400 Duration: 1st - 3rd



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