Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

Wood Crafters 2005 Rules

Wood Crafters 2005 will have three Scale events.


Two Size Classes of Ray's Fun Scale Rules.


Wood Crafters 2005 Soar In Championship Scale Rules

Static Judging

Points to be awarded by the scale judges prior to the 1st round of flying. To be fairly judged all models shall be placed in a position where they can all be viewed together, and compared for workmanship points.

Documentation shall consist of three-views from a reliable source. Color photos or written documentation are required for color and markings points. Photos, either black and white, or color, and drawings from a reliable source are required for accuracy and detail points. The documentation shall be judged by the completeness of detail in photo and written material presented.

Static Point Allocation Awarded by Judges

Documentation presentation0-05
Accuracy and detail0-30
Color and markings0-10
Total points80


This event is intended for flying scale sailplanes constructed with plywood, balsa wood, spruce, or other woods, glue or other adhesives, iron on or fabric covering. Carbon and kevlar may be added for reinforcement. Any scale sailplane qualifies providing the flying and control surfaces are constructed of wood and not foam covered with wood or composite materials that are bagged over foam or hollow molded.

  1. Open structure fuselage (wood and wire) i.e. a primary glider.
    Flight time 1 minute. 15 points, with no additional points
    For over 1 minute. 1 point per second deducted, under 1 minute.
  2. Sailplanes built prior to 1945, excluding category 1, flight time 2 minutes, 15 points, no additional points over 2 minutes. 1 point per second deducted under 2 minutes.
  3. Sailplanes built between 1945 and 1965 flight time 3 minutes, 15 points, no additional point over 3 minutes. 1 point per second deducted for under 3 minutes
  4. Sailplanes built between 1965 and present, flight times 4 minutes 15 points. No additional points over 4 minutes, 1 point per second deducted for less than 4 minutes
  6. There is no limit to the number of scale sailplanes entered by an individual contestant. They all will be static judged and flying rounds recorded. However, only the highest single total score of those entered will be used for overall placement.


  1. 5 points shall be awarded for a successful landing that requires no repairs to the sailplane, and can be recovered with no more than a 5-minute walk.
  2. Any additional REQUIRED rounds flown will have added to the static score a maximum of 20 points, 15 flying, and 5 landing.

The Wood Crafters Scale event for Gordon's Rules is a four day long event starting with scale judging Thursday morning. Aero Tow and/or winch launching are provided, participant is welcomed to bring their own Hi Start.

Wood Crafters 2005 Scale Best of Show Award

The Wood Crafters 2005 Scale Best Of Show Award is a separate scale category, the winner is determined by popular vote from all the WC 04 contestants including those that did not fly in the Scale Competition.

Scale contestants are responsible for listing the scale planes they will be flying on a the Scale Sailplane Registration Board under their name. The Board will be located central to the Scale activity for convience.

This is where the voters will be able to learn the pilots name and the particular plane he was flying that they most like. Scale pilots may have several scale planes flying, so voters may have to ask the pilots for identification info, the pilots will be very accommodating in answering questions. A hanger area will be roped off for the safety of the planes.

A voting ballot will be located at the Registration board, the voter will write in the plane and pilots name on the ballot card and drop it in the ballot box.

Nothing but fun at Wood Crafters 2005

Two Size Classes of Ray's Fun Scale Rules

Class A. MINI FUN SCALE: Limited to 64 inch wing span or less, launch by Sky Bench Mini Hi Starts, Man on Man group launching, last plane down wins 4 points, 2nd last down wins 3 points, etc. 10 foot landing tape with gradated one point per foot (10 points max), 12 feet Stand Off static judging, max of five points in each of the following categories: compliance to three views, color and markings, workmanship totaling 15 max static points. Add flight points to static points.

Class B. UNLIMITED FUN SCALE: any wing span and number of controls, aero tow or winch launch, 15 feet Stand Off static judging by judges other than those used in Gordon's Rules, maximum of five points in each of the following categories: compliance to three views, color and markings, workmanship totaling a possible 15 static points. Flight task, three flights during the four day period of somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes each. I'll call the task time based on weather conditions Thursday morning. All three flights will have the same task time. This event will be scored as AMA Precision Duration task, there is no landing task. Pilots have unlimited number of attempts to attain the flight task time. Your score card must be turned in after each attempt before attempting another flight. Pilot will be his own timer. The maximum aero tow height is 1000 feet. This event will be flown Thursday through Sunday weather permitting.



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