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January 1, 2005

The Silent Wings Soaring Association club of Covina, Ca Results sheet by Gene Hays.
PopOff Gateway, SWSA's Monthly Newsletter

Hi All--

I told all of you that it wouldn't rain on our parade! We were worried though and so were the promoters of the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl. If you saw either of these events on TV you saw our flying conditions since we are only a few miles east of Pasadena. We saw sun, clouds, a slight breeze and no rain. Beginning temps were in the low 40's, climbing to the low 60's and then dropping by mid-afternoon. Yes, some of the guys wore shorts.

Our day began at about 8:00 with Major and crew setting up the winch equipment. Meanwhile some of the electric guys tore up the skies with their Slow Stiks, PT-17s, Edge 540s, Tempests and hotliners. Once the winch was ready Mike Reagan hooked up his AVA for the first thermal flight of the year. When Tom Finch showed up with his new Vandal Mike handled the maiden toss and then maiden winch launch. I'm sure you will hear more about this molded plane real soon.

Larry Jolly assembled his old Comet, held a class on how to read the air using visible moisture (clouds) accumulation in the sky and then headed to the winch to begin his nearly 3 hour adventure. Most of the time the 16' span was difficult to see due to his altitude, especially when he flew into a cloud. Spoiler deployment and up elevator eventually resulted in the plane tumbling back into view. Others, like Merrill Brady, Henry Arance and Major Anderson, followed Larry's lead and while they had great flights couldn't keep up with the Comet. Sadly, Henry had to bail out of his thermal due to visibility issues and his Aquilitos shed a wing panel. The plane was destroyed but we all marveled as the shed wing went back up and eventually disappeared in the clouds.

The BBQ was fired up and lunch was served. Larry was still up there so he and his dog Baron shared a hotdog that was delivered to the flight line. Eventually Baron got bored and took a nap but woke up in time to see Larry land just short of 3 hours. That time, however, wasn't enough to have the longest flight in Ray's contest. It seems Arizona had some pretty good air too..........

Overall, a great way to start a new year. Good friends, good weather, good contest, good memories. You can see how some of us did at http://www.swsapopoff.8k.com/PostalContest010105.htm. Pictures will be up soon.

Dan [Borer] ---


Here are a few shots from our event yesterday. Feel free to use them as you please. Thanks a bunch for coordinating this fun contest. We will be looking forward to next year's contest!

Dan [Borer]

"It's hard to be a turkey when you soar with the eagles."

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Here are the results from AZ.

Myself and John Baird timed for each other and the results are as follows.

John Baird flew 100"+ class for a single longest flight of 3h 1m 49s (yes that is 3 hours+) flying a SailAir (24 year old plane)

I, Justin Ammon, flew the sub-100" class with a Saggitta 600 (24 year old saggitta) to a flight time of 1h 18m 11s (1:18:11)

John was still well over 2000 feet when he topped 3 hours but the servos were starting to get sluggish so he decided to land for safety.

I am attaching 2 photos of myself and John and of the 2 ships.

Thanks, I had a great time!

Justin Ammon

Justin Ammon Images Justin Ammon Images

Hi There Ray,

Well, out into the low fog, drizzle and light rain I went, at least it was warm. The field was a pit of mud after 10 inches of snow melted on it this week. I dragged my wife out to time for me, the whole time she was muttering about being nuts to fly in weather like this.

My long fight of the very short day was 1:55. Yes, 1 minute and 55 seconds not an hour and 55 minutes. :-) Anyway, I went out and did it with my ten year old Flinger. It was fun while it lasted, the rain put a stop to anymore fun. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ed [Franz]

Ed Franz Image


Sorry for the lateness of this. Sad to say, I was only able to complete 2 flights with the Paragon yesterday. The first was 3:40 and the second 2:59. Was kept very busy officiating at our annual contest and that is all the flying I got in during the entire day. Weather in VA started out as high broken overcast in the 40's. By the end of our AMA contest, it was Blue Skies, Light Breezes, Abundant Thermals and 76. It did melt the last of the snow we had from the "Day After Christmas Snow" though.

Cheers and Happy New Year to you and yours.

R/Gene Hollabaugh

Well Ray, I was flying in Carmel today. I attached a photo.

My best flight was 2:15. Pretty embarrassing, I know. It was foggy, and I only pulled back on the high start about enough to get 150-175 feet, and even then it was flying into the haze (not real bad, granted). But I wanted to make a token attempt, and get in on the fun!

Thanks once again for organizing this.

Ryan [Woebkenberg]

Ryan Woebkenberg Image


Guess you gathered from my balsa sailplane post that four of us got skunked with a BIG rotor over my front yard TD flying field. It called for W 5-10, but we had 10-15 gusts to 28 from the NNW . We went up top in desperation to fly, and flew slope off the backside of the ridge on my N facing slope. It was almost too much for the OLY IIs & GLs we had charged for TD, and we quit after 2 hours, came down and had a pork & kraut dinner. It wasn't a waste though, because your idea brought us together to fly today. Thanks, it was fun.

Bill G.
Rick Rensi
Bill Rigby
Carl Norton

Hawksnest Soaring Shermans Dale, PA


I congratulate John on his flight, it is ironic that both of us were shooting for 3 hours. Did John fly with his local club? Larry [Jolly]


Thanks you Ray sounds like We both came down so that we could give our timers a break. Thanks for organizing this contest it is always a good excuse to get out and see the guys in the club. thank you Larry [Jolly]

Ray, West Michigan Soaring held it's 4th annual New Years Day fun fly. We had a very good turn out. (11) We actually got to see the sun for a moment or two. It wasn't long enough to warm anyone up, Cal Postama watch from inside his warm van, the winch that Larry Jefferiy's set up was busy.Dennis Hoyle made his maiden flight with his new Majestic did 4:00 minutes that was the typical flight time when we first started flying for the day. Cal poped out flew this Duck, landed, we loaded his gear up and he headed back to the warmth of his home,with bragging rights we all share for our New Years Day Fun Fly

Took a short break for Chilli and hot choacolate (thank you Jean Hoyle and Linda Mosher)

Condition did improve some, flight time got a little better I did 8:36 with a Big Bird I had a couple more flights close to that. Dennis cracked 6:00 minutes with his Majestic. Martin Doney lost his incidence wire for his Big Bird and had to fly his high priced moldy. He got a great launch and made it out to the promised land of a nice bit of wave lift ended with 26:plus minute flight.

It was really great getting together with my northern comrades. My HOPE IS, I WILL HAVE MORE TIME THIS YEAR TO FLY WITH THEM!

Doug Adams

In the cold wet climate of Utah sorry to say we didn't get any time in the sky. Lot's of new snow on the valley floor and high winds stopped us from flying. Worst of all the weatherman is calling for snow every day next week. I guess after six years of drought we were due to have some foul weather. Maybe next year we can get the new years flight. Clarence


Intermountain Silent Flyers


Thanks for organizing the Woody postal 2005 meet.It accomplished one objective here in Huntsville-an opportunity to get some modelers out for some fun flying. We had a gathering of eight flyers, on a very nice day for January, for some great fun and entertainment. Unfortunately, only one woody airplane that appeared posted a score (Rex Powell). For January the weather was good but provided nothing better than about 10min air at the right time. So here is the one score from Huntsville, AL:

Name: Rex Powell AMA 21188
Longest Flight: 10min 30sec
Highest Step: 3

There is a photo of the total group available from Dave Cousins.

Thanks again for the opportunity to get together with friends.

Rex Powell

Hi Ray,

Sorry I didn't write earlier, but us Dayton guys got fogged out.... Only able to fly handlaunch, low, some park fliers....

Still beats NOT flying : )

Happy New Years,
Brent Douglas, DARTS


Attached is my picture of the Lil' Bird I built for our Jan First glider contest. We had 11 pilots I placed third behind 2 high tech multi channel planes and ahead of 2 others. I won the 2 meter 2 channel group outright. If you look in the background you will see conditions were a little tough with low clouds obscuring the top of the football stadium in the background. All planes were going into the clouds before they came off the winch. While not a dedicated glider guy anymore, I really enjoyed the speed range the plane posses and with some coaching I managed to do 4 minutes with a precision landing in these trying conditions.
Tim Sparks
Nashville, Indiana

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