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Postal Fun Fly Contest

January 1, 2005

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Photos and Reports

Let's do it again.....a National Postal fly in on New Years day for fun.

Woody's only with Built up wood flying surfaces, no molded d-tubes, no restriction on spar construction, with or without a fiberglass fuse. No restrictions on the use of thermal sensors or wind meters.

Two classes: 100" and under and 100" and over, no limit on number of controls.

Tasks: Thermal duration.

Longest Flight:

Three Minute Ladder:

Launch by Hi Start or winch.


Report your longest flight and highest step in the time ladder for each size class you participated in by email to Ray Hayes. You may be asked for the name and phone # of your timer.

Winners will receive respect and applause from the rest of us. Send a photo and forever be immortalized. The rest of us should send a photo also.

To make it more interesting, the country will be divided up into weather regions with winners in each region as describe above plus and overall winners in each size class and task.


Region A. All the states touching the Pacific Ocean plus HI, AZ, NM, TX, MS, AL, GA, FL, SC, except Alaska.

Region B. OK, MO, AK, TN, KY, NC.

Region C. (cold, gray and windy) All the remaining states.

I'm willing to keep track of the scores, so let's get out there this New Years day and have some fun with our woodys. Get a group together and turn it into a soaring party.

To sign up, send an email to me by Friday, 8 pm your local time, December 31st, 2004. with the following info: your name, city and state where flights will take place (does not have to be city you reside in).

To register your scores, email them with photos if possible no later than Jan. 2, 2005 to me. skybenchone@gmail.com

Nothing but fun with our woodys...............

Ray Hayes
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Entry List

Merrill Brady CA
Ed Jett MS
Jeff Gortatowsky CA
Fred Lodden Australia
Justin Ammon AZ
Jack Womack TX
Terry Forbes FL
Rob Glover AL
Tim Logan AL
Rex Powell AL
Ray Kostuk AZ
Gene Hays CA
Dan Borer CA
Henry Arance CA
Charles Harder CA
Major Anderson 1st CA
John King CA
Howard Little CA
Doug McIntosh CA
Henry Rodriguez CA
Mike Nation CA
Bruce Aveson CA
Larry Jolly CA
Tak Takayama CA
Terry Erickson OR
John L. Baird AZ
Ed Franz KY
Rich Burnoski IL
Clarence Ashcraft UT
Cal Posthuma MI
Dennis Hoyle MI
Stuart Hall CT
Doug Adams MI
Bill Grenoble PA
Martin Doney MI
Ray Hayes IN
Jack Smith IN
Ryan Woebekenberg IN
Richard Alban MI
Eric Stenson IL
Steve Staley OH
Brent Douglas OH
Ray Holzheuer IN
Bill Rigby PA
Rick Rensi PA
Anker Berg-Sonne ME
Barry Anderson OH
Ken Bates MI
Alan Dolley MI
Rick Miller IN
Gene R. Hollabaugh VA


REGION A, 100" and over
Longest Flight
John L. Baird AZ3 hours 1 min 49 secSailaire
Highest Ladder
Tak Takayama CA12 minTakked Together
REGION A, 100" and under
Longest Flight
Justin Ammon AZ1 hour 18 min 11 secSagitta 600
Highest Ladder
Jeff Gortatowsky CA12 min2M Gnome
REGION B, 100" and over
No contenders
REGION B, 100" and under
Longest Flight
Ed Franz KY1 min 55 secFlinger
REGION C, 100" and over
No contenders
REGION C, 100" and under
Longest Flight
Doug Adams MI8 min 36 secBig Bird
Highest Ladder
Ray Hayes IN6 minOly II
Next years format will remain the same, with a possible addition of a separate category for the rest of the world to compete in one group.



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