Wood Crafters 2005 Entry List

The days with an o is an open channel on that particular day,
if you want to enter on one of the open spots, contact
Ray Hayes: skybenchone@gmail.com

Entries as of May, 2005

Freq. Pilot State Thurs Fri Sat Sunday
ch 11 OPEN oooo
ch 12 Frank Foster KY oxxx
ch 13 Gregg Smith MI xxxx
ch 14 Tom Broeski VA xxxx
ch 15 Jeff Dailey IN xxxx
ch 16 Jim Ealy PA xxxx
ch 17 Dave Shaw MI xxxx
ch 18 Ed Granger CA xxxx
ch 19 John Moote MI xxxx
ch 20 Marc Gellart IN oxxx
Dave Leach INxxxx
ch 21 Timothy Wolff MI oxxx
ch 22 Jack Smith IN xxoo
ch 23 Bruce Herider OH xxxx
ch 24 Dick Lape MI xxxx
ch 25 Sanford Seal IL xxxx
Mark Nankivil MO --xx
ch 26 OC Stewart IN xxoo
ch 27 David Mollenkamp OH xxxx
ch 28 Steve Staely OH xx--
Jim Velleman OH --xx
ch 29 John Walter IL xxxx
Jeffery Walter IL xxxx
ch 30 John GospodarekINxxoo
ch 31 Severn Green OH xxxx
ch 32 Barry Anderson OH xxxx
ch 33 Tom Scully KY xxxx
ch 34 Ray Holzheuer IN ooxx
ch 35 Bill Grenoble PA xxxx
ch 36 Jack Womack TX xxxx
ch 37 Ken Bates MI xxxx
ch 38 Eric Podzielinski IN xxxx
Brandon Podzielinski IN xxxx
ch 39 Michael Tetzner OH xxxx
ch 40 Gary Bussell IN xxxx
ch 41 Bill Suter OH xxxx
ch 42 OPEN oooo
ch 43 Ed Jett MS xxxx
Chris Jett MS xxxx
ch 44 Ian Noble IN xxxx
ch 45 Ed Franz KY xxxx
ch 46 Mark Miller WI xxxx
ch 47 Dick Nadolny MA xxxx
Dick Pike NY xxxx
ch 48 Gordon Pearson MI xxxx
ch 49 Richard Alban MI xxxx
ch 50 Otto Heithecker TN xxxx
51 OPEN oooo
ch 52 Norm Roessing OH xxxx
ch 53 Steve Moskal IL xxxx
ch 54 Gene Pastori MI xxxx
ch 55 John Wolff OH oxxx
ch 56 Ray Hayes IN x x x x
ch 57 Tom Tock IL oxxx
ch 58 Don Harris OH xxxx
ch 59 Paul Siegel OH xxxx
ch 60 Jim Vanderzil VA xxxx
Max Vanderzil VA xxxx
00 OPEN oooo
01 OPEN oooo
02 Bob Hicks MI xxxx
03 OPEN oooo
04 OPEN oooo
05 Jim Porter IA xxxx
06 OPEN oooo
07 OPEN oooo
08 Pete CarrPAooxx



Here is the breakdown of how the Wood Crafters 05 participants have chosen to have fun flying their woody sailplanes at the AMA flying site in Muncie, IN, May 26 thru 29, 2005. Hopefully, this will give other persons or clubs insight into the events people enjoy and incorporate these ideas into their future events.

Without a doubt, Wood Crafters is all about having fun with woody sailplanes and flying with woody enthusiasts. This years event will have some additions, changes and deletions from what we did last year.

Ch 11 and 42 are available for the Thursday and Friday Soar In Reunion and the Saturday and Sunday Soar In Championship. Contact me if you want to play on one of these open freq.

Soar In Reunion event entries:

Soar In Championship Class entries:

Special Awards: