Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

Thanks to all that flew in this year's event and I missed those that entered, but did not show, hopefully you will be able to attend Wood Crafters in 2005. I had the best time of all three WC events, probably because this year was set up with more formal competition although I always run a laid back contest to help insure everyone has a good time.

A sailplane contest is a social event first and a performance measure second and I need both aspects to make putting on the WC worthwhile to me. I hold the WC event because I like to fly woodys and none of the area clubs have sponsored a woody only event. A good way to enjoy my WC is fly allot, fly the 2 Minute Ladder during the fun fly/competition days and or the Longest Flight, please don't stand around watching a competition event you chose not to participate in and bitch that your having to wait for that event to end before the one your in starts. Running comp. events simultaneously on the fun fly/competition days means a person could not have the opportunity to enter in all the comp. events. And do realize that weather plays a huge part in how many of the schedule events actually take place. I will tell you now, no one can please everyone all the time.

Suggestions and comments I have received from various fellow Wood Crafters;

I was told by one person not to fly in the WC event since I'm the CD. If I can't fly in this event why would I go through all the time and effort to put it on ? Some people just don't get what Wood Crafters is about. Imagine telling Gordon Pearson he can't enter and fly in his WC Scale contest. Someone is taking this way to serious.

I was told I have the best rules definition for woodys there is by several people that fly both woodys and composit/moldys. This filled my cup, knowing that the active soaring pilots are thinking the same way I am, that Wood Crafters is in tune with guys that fly contests every weekend as well as the vast majority of fun flyers. Thanks for the positive guys....

Get more help. You better believe it, and don't forget to thank Jack Smith and Gene Pastori, the great winchmasters we had this year. They made the WC Soar In Championship a real pleasure to fly in. They launched flight after flight from winches with retrievers that kept the flight line pretty much in constant motion.

I was thanked by many as was Gordon for giving them an enjoyable experience flying woodys. One thing you have to know, Gordon and I love to build and fly our woodys and if our rules and format don't match up to your expectations I will guess that no one else's rules match's your expectations either. The message here is Wood Crafters is all about having fun flying woodys with other guys that talk the same talk.

Ray Hayes, your Wood Crafters host. Be ready for WC 2005.

Wood Crafters Results

Soar In Championship

Grand Champion
1stMarc Gellart 3228
2ndRay Hayes 3182
3rdPaul Siegel 3173
4thPete Carr 3150
5thDave Leach 3102
6thBill Grenoble 3066
7thGreg Smith 2860
8thJim Vanderzyl 2711
9thBruce Herider2612
10thJim Carlton 2467
2 Meter
1st Paul Siegel 1463
2nd Don Harris 1440
3rd Pete Carr 1399
4th Ray Holzheure 1343
5th Jim Vanderzyl 1225
6th Greg Smith 1196
7th Larry Ruble 1166
8th Tim Wolff 1164
9th Norm Roessing 1075
10th O C Stewart 718
100 RES
1st Paul Siegel 1665
2nd Dave Leach 1591
3rd Ray Hayes 1527
4th Marc Gellart 1526
5th Pete Carr 1523
6th Sanford Searl 1393
7th Jim Carlton 1359
8th Bill Grenoble 1347
9th Tim Wolff 1283
10th Frank Foster 1215
1st Bill Grenoble 1719
2nd Marc Gellart 1702
3rd Greg Smith 1664
4th Ray Hayes 1655
5th Pete Carr 1627
6th Bruce Herider 1577
7th Dave Leach 1511
8th Paul Siegel 1506
9th Jim Vanderzyl 1486
10th Bill Suter 1376
Best OLY ll
Dave Leach
Best Windfree
Greg Smith
Best new Design
John Wolf
Scale 1st Place
Steve Moskal
Scale "People's Choice"
Gordon Pearson

Wood Crafters Reunion

MOM 60" Hi Start launch
Paul Siegel
MOM 100" Hi Start launch
Ray Hayes
MOM Windfree only
Ray Hayes
2 Minute Ladder
Greg Smith
Longest Flight
Sanford Searl



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