Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

Wood Crafters 2004 Photo Album

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Wood Crafters 2004 Awards Dinner, L-R; Ken Bates, Gordon Pearson, BobHicks,

John Nielsen, Gene Pastori, Dave Shaw, Ray Hayes. John and Gene were this year's recipients of the Wood Crafters Award For Outstanding Contributions to RC Soaring.

John's orange and blue Legionair was kit Number 8 from Cecil Haga, and he reported the 25 year old monokote did not need tightening. John is holding his 30 year old Phoenix that was an import from Germany.

This was the third annual Wood Crafters Dinner and the enjoyment level may have reached a new high for many, I know it did for me. Our Award Dinner was very well attended and our guest speaker, John Nielson, delighted us with stories of how the beloved SOAR NATS of the early 1970's came into being. Many of the dinner guests had flown in John's prestigious SOAR events and I'm sure they will remember John's image as he spoke to us for the rest of our lives.

Bill Grenoble and Ray Hayes
Bill Grenoble, flying his 132" Sky Bird, captured the Unlimited first place trophy.

Bill is a great promoter of Wood Crafters and is helping greatly to spread interest in flying woodys all over the eastern half of the country. Let's hear it for Bill.

Scale BKD-1 in flight
Ken Bates magnificent BKD-1 and it fly's very well.

4 Reunion Pics
Wood crafters 2004 was dedicated to the original Soar Nats, this WC 04 photo album was taken by Carl Lorber, a participant in the 1971 Soar Nats. Woodys for ever........thanks Carl.

Winches with retriever
Wood Crafters use winches with retrievers, designed and operated by Jack Smith. John and Tim Wolff approaching the flight line, a farther and son team entry.

Bill preflighting
Bill Grenoble checking things out prior to launching into another max flight. Pete Carr will time, Bill and Pete are a hard team to beat.

Ray, Eric, and Big Bird
Me and my four year old 100" Big Bird with Eric Podzielinski timing. The spoilers haven't been hooked up for two years, kind of reminds folks of a house painter's house. Eric and I have been timing for each other since the early seventies. We are a team and have flown together from California to Virginia to Canada.

Max, Jim, and Oly II
Jim Vanderzyil and his son Max with their OLY ll, another team, much younger and in the making, let's hope it last a long time.

Looks like Jim may have raised the tip panels a bit. That is one of the fun things about building Woodys, we always have the option to modify them.

The Moskal Team
Another team, Steve and Mary Moskal with their first place Scale entry. Steve was in charge of impounding at the Soar Nats in the middle seventies.

Aero Tow
Steve experienced his first aero tow at WC 04. He is now an avid fan of aero towing.

Virgin Challenger
Ed Zielinski with his brand new, never flown, Challenger. Credit Ed with a bunch of the photo's I'm using.

It was a virgin Challenger
Another brand new never flown Challenger by Greg Smith. Greg got in a lot of stick time.

Challenger coming in
Greg Smith's Challenger on final.

Greg, Jim and their planes
Last year Greg didn't have a Challenger and Jim didn't have a Windfree. This year the boy's both have Windfree's and Challenger's and both flew them in the competition events. Greg keeps saying, I don't really care about the competition, I'm just here for the fun of it. You have to know these guys flew against each other in the SOAR NATS in the Junior class and I bet Greg used the same line on Jim back then.

Marc Gellart, Grand Champion
Marc Gellart is the Wood Crafters 2004 Soar In Grand Champion

The scoring was simple, the best two scores from the three sizes classes counted towards the overall Championship points. The size classes were 2M unlimited,100 RES and Unlimited. This format allows the pilots to get in a lot of flying if they chose to. Marc makes a great Champion.

The Champs
Wood Crafters 2004 Soar In Championship Winners

Standing, L to R: Sanford Searl, Dave Leach, Greg Smith,
Ray Hayes, Marc Gellart, Pete Carr, Paul; Siegel, Steve Moskal.
Knelling, L to R: John Wolff, Bill Grenoble.

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