Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

Wood Crafters 2003 Photo Album

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Full Frame Zoom on the sailplane

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Winners of the Saturday Night Dinner Free Drawing.
Greg SmithSt. Joseph, MI Sky Bench Small Field Practice Hi Start
Gene Pastorie Mc Millian, MI Windsock with Swivel Hardware
Iain Glithero Mesa, AZMark's Models Original Bird Of Time Kit

This year's Grand Champion

L-R, Jim Vanderzyl, this years's Grand Champion and his Sky Bench Astro Jeff, with his long time flying buddy Greg Smith and his SB Windfree get together once again.

Wood Crafters is truly a reunion and as long as I can continue to bring guys like these together on a flying field, I will keep Wood Crafters going for a long time. They competed in the 1970's Soar Nats as Juniors. They are flat out expert rc sailplane pilots and a treat to watch them fly.

The Wood Crafter's Tug

Gary Bussell's Wood Crafters tug.............it did a great job and we all appreciate Gary's huge part in the success of the 2003 Scale competition and Scale fun fly. A wing strut coupling failed in flight.

Thanks Gary for all you have done for Wood Crafters and all of model aviation in Muncie, Indiana.

L-R Gene Pastori's Trooper flew beautifully from Gary's aero tows. What can we say, Gordon just always goes all out when he builds a scale job. If I remember correctly, he said there are 192 pins simulating rivets in his Trooper. Is it possible to double our scale entries next year from 10 this year to 20?

Two Scale Troopers at Wood Crafters

When was the last time you saw two scale Troopers in a Scale Contest?

Gene holds his Trooper on the line

Gene is getting ready for the maiden flight on his Trooper, but don't worry, Gene is an expert pilot.

Troopers ready to fly on the line Troopers just getting the tow

Are you ready Gene and Gary? L-R, The Podzielinski's, Ian Noble the helper, Gene the Trooper pilot, Gary the Tug pilot and Gordon the flight timer.

Pilots during the Trooper proof flight

Looking good. The Wood Crafter Scale competion rules are user friendly. Gene's plane has to fly for two minutes to qualify his flight and Gary Bussell is a user friendly tow pilot and took Gene up high and into some thermal air. I think Gene had an eight minute flight. Notice, Wood Crafters believes in realistic towing, we do not tow vertical. We are into laid back fun with woody planes, nothing but fun at Wood Crafters 2003.

1st place Scale award

Paul Siegel, this years Scale Champion

Plane ready to go

Hook it up! L-R Paul Siegel, Mike Tetzner, Searl Sanford, Tony collins-Sibley. Paul says it flies like a dream

All wood ASK

Paul Siegel's all wood ASK

ASK in front of the gallery

The gallery being entertained by Scale aero towing and Mike Tetzner's ASK

Long shot of a plane on tow

Isn't it time you built a scale sailplane for next years Wood Crafters 2004 Soar In Reunion? The tow is realistic and user friendly. I hope to have my 157" Sky Bench ASK 18 ready.

Three men watching tow

L-R, Jack Smith, Bill Grenoble and Jim Vanderzyl. Jack and Rick Miller did a great job of handling the winch retrivers for all three days.

See the Windfree launch

A beautiful Windfree on tow

Ray and Ken

Speed 400 Duration Winner trophy presented to Ken Bates by Ray Hayes. We go back to the early seventies and the Soar Nats, it was a good feeling to be flying with Ken again.

Wood Crafters was proud to present these plaques to Garry Bussell and O. C. Stewart, both of Muncie, IN. The presentation took place at the Wood Crafters Saturday Night Awards Dinner and each of these fine gentlemen gave an enlightening talk of some of their activities.

2 Plaques

Gary Bussell and Plaque OC Stewart and Plaque
Gary BussellO. C. Stewart

Gary Bussell along with David Snyder, worked hard to pave the way for AMA to decide on acquiring the land to create the world's largest model aviation flying site in Muncie, IN. Gary started flying RC sailplanes in the very early seventies and is an accomplished power scale builder and pilot. We owe Gary a big thank you for his successful efforts and related time he spent on the AMA project.

OC Stewart has been a modeler all his life starting with free flight and just a few years ago he developed an interest in RC sailplanes. He learned how to fly RC with the help of many. His contribution to RC sailplanes is his great sportsmanship and easily aquired friendship. He is a great joy to fly with. OC lives adjacent to the AMA flying field and one of the stories he puts up with is; If you start laying out your winch at the AMA field and no one else is on the field, by the time you sink the turn around, OC will be waiting for you and the chute ready to launch his plane.

Moskal and his Playboy Paul Siegel, Steve Moskal, Harry Roe
Steve Moskal and his beautiful
Playboy Cabin Speed 400.
Paul Siegel, lst place Old Timer
Speed 400 Electric,
Steve Moskal and Harry Roe

Wood Crafters in a nutshell

This photo may tell the story of Wood Crafters more than any words can. Look carefully and you will see to the left are folks launching sailplanes from electric winches and Hi Starts, some of them maybe flying a competition event, others flying for fun. Although not part of this photo, to the right are folks aero towing scale sailplanes, some for an official Scale flight, some for fun.

The three flyers in the center are about to launch their electric Old Timers for the All Up Last Down event. Get the picture, Wood Crafters, because of single entry per frequency and team entry, allow a lot of people to have a lot of fun all at the same time. It is a very busy event with the most relaxed flying and user friendly events available anywhere.


from the 1977 Great Lakes Scale contest

Need a little background for why Wood Crafters was created?
Three of the five in this pic flew scale in Wood Crafters 2003.

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