Wood Crafters
Dedicated to those that build and fly wood R/C Sailplanes

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(Otto Heithecker with Jim Vanderzyl's
Challenger, Wood Crafters 2002)

Wood Crafters

Second Annual Soar In Reunion

May 23, 24, 25, 2003

AMA Flying Site, Muncie, Indiana

Now, three days of pure fun, flying our woody sailplanes for fun or competition.

2003 photo album

2003 Entry List

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Ray and his Windfree... Ready for the "One Of A Kind Event"

Wood Crafters 2003 Schedule of Events

Pilots meeting each morning 9 AM. Competition event Directors will hold individual pilots meetings for their respective events immediately after the 9 AM meeting. Please bring a plane to the meeting so we can take a group photo.

Fun Flying starts immediately after the pilots meeting. The competition flying for Speed 400 Duration, Old Timer Speed 400 All Up Last Down, and Man On Man 1.5M Mini Hi Start will be announced daily during my 9 AM pilots meeting.

Signing up for daily competition events is up to the pilot, score cards will be available for each event from Richard Alban, our Score Keeper. To be eligible for competition events you need to make sure your name is on Richard's list for each event you wish to enter at the time you select a score card each day.

Scale competition is one event held over the entire three days. Scale judging will be performed on Friday till noon. The judging might be extended to Saturday. Remember, you can launch by aero tow, electric winch or Hi Start and it can be your equipment. You must co ordinate your flights with Gordon Pearson and Garry Bussell. You can receive the scale judging form prior to this event by contacting Gordon Pearson (gordonpearson@chartermi.net). This will save the hassle of completing the form at the flying field.

The Longest Flight (non electric) competition is your longest flight during any of the three days. You must be signed up on Richard's list and have received a score card prior to your flight.

Trophies for the competition events will be awarded at the end of each day.

The Wood Crafters Awards Dinner is Saturday, 6 PM at the Cardinal Inn located nearby the AMA flying field. Dinner is approximately $12, pay at the door. Last year Wood Crafters honored Gordon Pearson and Otto Heithecker for their contributions to promoting RC Soaring.

A special thanks to the guys willing to help make this event happen.

Jack Smith Winch Master Huntington,IN
Rick Miller Winch Master Huntington, IN
Richard Alban Score Keeper Lansing, MI
Steve Moskal Old Timer Electric La Grange, IL
Doug Adams MOM 1.5M Grand Rapids, MI
Bob Johnson Ladder Fond DuLac, WI
Bob Hicks AMA Cu - Max Pruedenville, MI
Gordon Pearson Scale South Lyon, MI
Garry Bussell Scale Judge Muncie, IN
Otto Heithecker Scale Judge Knoxville, TN
Ian Nobel Scale Judge Pendelton, IN


This is the event for anyone that enjoys building and flying balsa wood planes. Fly with your buddies, make new friends in a totally relaxed setting of flying when you want to. No call up, no pressure, but lots of flying and camaraderie with folks that like balsa wood sailplanes with or without fiberglass fuses. Pre Registration Only, One Frequency Per Entry, Team Entry Available.

This year's events are FUN FLYING and the following optional DAILY competition tasks (except Scale and the Longest Flight that occur as one event over the three day period) with commemorative trophies for first place in each event each day.

CU-MAX: 3 FOR 15

Contact Ray Hayes email, skybenchone@gmail.com

Wood Crafters 2003 Grand Champion

Grand Champion Trophy

With the wide array of competition events, like nothing you have ever seen before unless you flew in last years WC, why not have an acknowlegement for the person that was able to stay organized for three days and successfully compete in many, if not all of the competition events?

Do you see your photo in the award...??

Grand Champion Rules: The person with the most number of 1st place awards accumulated over the three day event will be the Grand Champion. I'm not sure about this system, but let's play it this way and see how it turns out.

Here is a list of people who signed up and their reserved channels.

Competition Tasks Rules

Speed 400 Duration

Speed 400. The electric motor must be an inexpensive can motor that retails for $15 or less. No restrictions on the gear box or sailplane as long as it is a woody with or without a glass fuse. Maximum number of battery cells is 7 600AE cells.

Task. Three rounds of Mass Group Launching, one minute initial motor run, last one still up wins round, pilot supplies his timer, landing within the designated 50 foot circle is needed to qualify the flight.

Scoring. Winner of each of the three rounds receives one point. Pilot with the most points wins. In case of tie scores (hopefully inevitable), a fly off with one mass launch, last up, with above landing qualifier will be used to determine the overall winner.

Old Timer Speed 400

Steve Moskal will be the event Director

Speed 400. Motors are limited to the Graupner Speed 400, 4.8, 6, or 7 volt, ferrite can models. No modification allowed to motors other than timing advance. No restrictions on props or gearboxes. Props may fold. Battery power is limited to seven cells or less nickel cadmium cells.

Task. Models must ROG unless field or weather conditions dictate otherwise per event Director. Motor run is unlimited and may be continuous or turned off or on intermittently during the flight. No maximum flight times. No spot landing is required.

Scoring. Three attempts for two official flights. Score will be the sum of the official flights.

Qualified Models. Model aircraft which have been designed, kitted or plans published prior to December 31, 1942. Authentication of that is the responsibility of the contestant.

Old Timer Speed 400

All Up Last Down

Steve Moskal will be the event Director

Speed 400. Motor regulations same as above.

Qualified Models. Same as above.

Task. two hour window. Hand launching permitted.

Man on Man 1.5M Mini Hi Start

Ray's program developed and flown in Michigan, 1994,95,96.

Doug Adams will be the event Director

Total number of entrants is divided to equal three or four flyers in each launch group. Woodys only, wing span can not exceed 60".

Winners of each flight group fly against each other in subsequent groups. Second place finishers fly against each other and etc.. This is true MoM flying and is a wide open, exciting competition until the very last round.

Sky Bench will provide the Mini Hi Starts and we will fly a minimum of six rounds. The Hi Starts will be For Sale at the end of Sunday's competition.

Flight Tasks. Precision duration of three minutes or more, scoring is converted, the winner receives a point for each person in his group he beats plus a point for himself. Example: three person flight groups gives the winner 3 points, 2nd place receives 2 points and third place receives 1 point. As you can see the point spread is always very close among all the flyers and in six or more rounds it is anybody's ball game.

Landing Task. Plane must land in a 50 foot circle to qualify the flight. No landing points are awarded. Hopefully a fly off to determine the winner will occur. Nothing but fun at WC 2003.

Longest Flight Non Electric

Sailplane. No restrictions are imposed on the wing span. For woodys only with or without a glass fuse.

Task. Any number of attempts are allowed to produce your longest flight of the three day event. Landing within the designated 50 foot circle is required to qualify the flight.

Scoring. One score card will be furnished daily to record all your flight times and posted during the coarse of the days.

Don Harris had the longest flight at Wood Crafters 2002 of one hour and twenty minutes. Attend the Pilots Meeting Friday 9 am to be part of the Perpetual Trophy award to Don. If you win this year, you will appreciate folks applauding you, so be there for Don, he deserves it.

Ladder Task

This event is Bob Johnson's creation,
Bob will be the event Director.

Ladder Event Rules

The initial task time and the increment will be determined by the Event Director the day of the event. For example, first 'rung' three minutes with each ensuing 'rung' having a time two minutes greater than the previous rung.

As many attempts as needed are allowed to achieve a given rung. There is no penalty for making multiple attempts to achieve a particular rung. You may continue to fly as long as you like after your task time has been achieved, but there are no bonus points awarded for exceeding the task time.

There are no landing points, but the aircraft must land in the designated landing area for a flight to count.

The winner will be the person that has the greatest time while attempting to achieve the next highest 'rung' on the ladder. For example, three people achieve a time of fifteen minutes. When attempting to achieve the next rung, pilot A gets 09:36, pilot B gets 12:12, and pilot C gets 07:06. Pilot B is the winner because he got the greatest time while attempting to climb to the next rung (for example, seventeen minutes).

CU-MAX: 3 FOR 15

This AMA rule book event was very popular last year for any size sailplane and will be directed by Bob Hicks this year. The landing requirement will be modified by Bob to ease the pressure and it is intended to be a fun event for everyone.

Three flights to equal 15 minutes, no one flight can exceed 7 minutes.

Remember, you decide when you want to fly and be sure and have your timer sign the score card.

RES 100 inch or less Wing Span

Sailplane. RES..Rudder, Elevator, Spoiler.. limited to 100 inch wing span woodys with or without a glass fuse. Only one skid or skeg attached to the nose (front) of the fuse is acceptable.

Task. Six Flights of six minute AMA precision duration. 100 point landing tape (50 foot diameter) worth 25 points.

Scoring. Usual point per second, deduct if over six minutes, plus in or out landing score.

RES Unlimited. Any Wing Span.

Sailplane. Same as above except the wing span can be any length.

Task. Six Flights of 15 minute AMA precision duration. 100 point landing tape (50 foot diameter)

Scoring. Usual point per second, deduct if over 15 minutes, plus landing score.

One Of A Kind

Sailplane. OLY II, Windfree and 2M Lil Bird.

Modifications Allowed. These three planes maybe modified in anyway except they must match the three view and use the original airfoil. Some reduction to the cross view of the fuselages is permitted.

Task. Six Flights of 10 minute AMA precision duration with 100 point landing tape.

Sailplane. Challenger.

Modifications Allowed. The Challenger can be modified in anyway except it must match the three view and use the original Clark Y airfoil.

Task. Five Flights of 20 minute AMA precision duration with 100 point landing tape.

Scale Rules

Scale Competition Rules Pre Amble by Gordon Pearson

The mission of the Wood Crafters Scale Sailplane event is to enhance creativity, and character in the design of both old and new sailplanes, not to penalize the "state of the art" technology.

The flight scoring plan should not be so restricted as to eliminate any sailplane design. If the legionaries Otto Heitecker, Jeff Merlik, or Joe Wurts, to name a few were to compete with a primary trainer, it is highly unlikely, with all their skills, they could out fly a beginning pilot with a ASW 17. The scale model should not be required to accomplish a task the full size sailplane could not do.

This scoring plan will allow someone who wanted to build a WW2 troop carrier to compete, and win.

Landing points. In days gone bye, it was considered a successful landing, with a primary trainer, when the pilot walked away from his machine with only minor repairs required, no matter where he landed. It was a very successful landing when he landed on the field where he started with no repairs. If it is your desire to land your aircraft at your feet, have at it. If you want to take a short hike to recover your aircraft, that’s OK too.

The term "primary trainer" has been referred to several times, simply stated, it is without a doubt, on the very bottom of the performance curve. For those who wish to compete with a "lead sled" of this type, you can do so with few flight penalties.


Points to be awarded by a panel of three scale judges prior to the 1st round of flying. To be fairly judged all models shall be placed in a position where they can all be viewed together, and compared for workmanship points.

Documentation shall consist of three-views from a reliable source. Color photos or written documentation are required for color and markings points. Photos, either black and white, or color, and drawings from a reliable source are required for accuracy and detail points. The documentation shall be judged by the completeness of detail in photo and written material presented.


Documentation presentation 0-05
Workmanship 0-35
Accuracy and detail 0-30
Color and markings 0-10


This event is intended for flying scale sailplanes constructed with plywood, balsa wood, spruce, or other woods, glue or other adhesives, iron on or fabric covering. Carbon and kevlar may be added for reinforcement. Any scale sailplane qualifies providing the flying and control surfaces are constructed of wood and not foam covered with wood or composit materials that are bagged over foam or hollow molded.


Open structure fuselage (wood and wire) ie., a primary glider. Flight time 1 minute. 15 points, with no additional points For over 1 minute. 1 point per second deducted under 1 minute.


Sailplanes built prior to 1945, excluding category 1, flight time 2 minutes, 15 points, no additional points over 2 minutes. 1 point per second deducted under 2 minutes.


Sailplanes built between 1945 and 1965 flight time 3 minutes, 15 points, no additional points over 3 minutes. 1 point per second deducted for under 3 minutes.


Sailplanes built between 1946 and present, flight time 4 minutes 15 points. No additional points over 4 minutes, 1 point per second deducted for under 4 minutes.


5 points shall be awarded for a successful landing that requires no repairs to the sailplane, and can be recovered with no more than a 5 minute round trip walk.


The contestant has the choice of launching by aero tow, hi-start or electric winch.


One or more flight rounds maybe flown. Additional rounds flown beyond the first round will have a maximum of 20 points, 15 flying, 5 landing, added to the static score.



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