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Bob Eagan's Big Bird

"Dave Thornburg Launching Bird of Time" Notice the stab is fixed with a small elevator. Photo by Hugh Broesamle.

Bob Eagan's Big Bird

"Steve Works launching modified Bird of Time" at 1978 F3B Trials, Dominguz Hills, Ca. Back ground L-R, Tom Williams of Craft Air, Terry Koplan and ?. Photo by Hugh Broesamle.

Bob Eagan's Big Bird

Bob Eagan says: "Finished my Big Bird yesterday and had some great weather in Seattle today to test it. Finished weight is 39-40 ounces, the CG, tow hook .and control throws are all set where you recommended they be. After one hand launch to see if it would fly, I tried a light tension hi-start launch to further check out how it was perfect!!! 

Next flight was a "normal" hi-start launch which resulted in a 45 minute flight that could have gone on for much longer, but my neck got tired from looking up. At this point I was very glad I took the time to install the spoilers because they worked great for getting the plane back from being a speck. I had three more flights that were at least 10-20 minute duration, not bad for a test day.

I'm also very impressed with how easy the Big Bird is to fly and I didn't notice any tip stall tendency or other handling problems. I'm impressed with the model and can't wait to try it on our club winch this week. I'll be looking for your two meter version soon. Thanks",

Bob Eagan, Seattle, WA

Dick Hoover and Big Bird

Dick Hoover of Michigan is snow birding this winter in Arizona and was kind enough to email this photo of him and his Big Bird at the Central Arizona Xoaring Club field.

Slope Hawk

Frank Wren recently finished this sloper and is writing the instructions for Sky Bench Aerotech's revised kit version to be available soon.

Don Harris waiting to time a Man-on-Man flight for Ray Hayes and his Big Bird at the 1998 Cincinnati Pumpkin Fly Contest.  Don and Ray have been in this sport for 25 years and still loving it.

Out to launch.

Dr. Brad Tennant launches Gert Schlingensief's electrified V-tail 2M Osprey at 1998 KRC event.

Ray's Challenger

Ray's Challenger
145" wing span, Clark "Y" airfoil, flaps coupled to stab.

Maiden flight soon

Thanks Ray for a good kit and fast build. 2 dowels and 2 plastic screws to hold the wing on. Maiden today

Ready to go

Hi Ray-
Finally got my OLY IIS finished and am having big fun flying it. A photo of the OLY is attached.

Looks very nice Rick, Ray





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