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Powell's Oly IISX - uncovered Powell's Red and Yello Oly IISX - covered

Message from John Powell, Elkton, MD

Dear Ray, How rude can I get? I forgot to tell you how the Oly2sx build came out. This was finished in late September, after I harassed you to send me some missing parts!

I did use the suggested pushrod-operated spoiler system, which works very well.

The plane hasn't had a lot of airtime yet, having been out to the SKSS field only 4 times and sadly on days with minimal lift. Most launches were from a histart but it also had 3 launches on an ESL-type winch, with no control or structural problems at all. Best time so far is 12 minutes.

Launches and landings are very easy and smooth and it "wants" to thermal but so far has had little opportunity.

The only surprising thing I noticed was that rudder authority at low speeds seems weak. I have to hold rudder on longer than expected to get response sometimes. I wonder if the original Oly aero-balanced rudder would make it snappier. The old Oly and the Sagitta were very responsive to rudder. ..or else I could have built in more polyhedral. But this is a quibble - it doesn't affect normal maneuvering or thermal turns.

I didn't try to make the '2SX very slick, just kept it simple and as per plan, and I think it's come out very well. I'm pleased that it's at home on both histart and an aggressive winch and it has a better distance range than the old Oly.

Thanks, Ray.

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Finished my olly 3 and took it for its maiden flight, stayed up 40 minutes and second flight 57 minutes, could not believe the height it got , you could fit it onto a postage stamp, loved the build and i am rather new at thermal flying but laid back on the deck chair and could not believe the lift l keep getting, on the second flight l was glad when it came down, thinking of ordering a Windfree for next build, is this plane also a good thermal glider, hope you like the pictures

Cheers Geoff         Australia

Gene Lindsay2M Osprey.jpg (23270 bytes)

Gene Lindsay with his beautiful 2M Osprey, Gene is building a polyhedral wing version and hopefully he will send us a photo when it is completed.

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Ray Kostuk of Tucson, Az. about to launch his Big Bird, at the October, 99 SAGE club contest in Avra Valley, AZ

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Hi Ray,

Finished my 2M Lil Bird  yesterday. It weighs 21 oz ready to fly,  and as you said would happen, I didn't need any nose lead. It's set up exactly as your web site suggests. 

I did put 3/8" x .007 CF inside the four aft fuselage sides and also in the inner wing panel trailing edges.  It's covered with Ultracoat lightweight white with Ultra-coat transparent violet on the bottom of the wing and stab (it looks great with the sun behind it). I also built  a small compartment over the C.G. for two 3 oz bags of shot.

As soon as it was done I headed to a local yard for some hand launches and as expected, it floated around very nicely without ballast. Today I was at our club field for some winch launches and I did use 3 oz  of ballast.  I was amazed how high the Bird got on launch and how well it penetrates.  I think I'll just leave the ballast in it unless it's a no wind day, but more flying will sort that out .  It's pretty much a "no brainer" finding lift because the plane really tell you when it's in even the lightest lift.

You've got another winner.

Bob Eagan

Garvey2m.JPG (9319 bytes)

Mark Garvey sent this photo of his 2M Lil Bird and in his letter said, 

"I absolutely love this model.  It is difficult for me to go into it without going for huge exaggerations, but it is simply an excellent model to build and fly.  Building is simple due to laser cut parts, and once built, it is an absolute delight to fly"

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Otto with his Challenger waiting his turn to launch. Background, L-R, Ted Strohm (holding Cumulus), Walt Hill, Earl Pell.

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Kelly Pike, way back in the days when he traveled the USA for Hobie, catching a Hobie Hawk after a hand toss in Buckeye, AZ. Photo by Taylor Collins




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