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  • WF-XL 116" wing span, RES with optional polyhedral and flaps. Inspired by the Windfree. S3014 airfoil. I have tweaked the looks and improved the flight performance. Frank Wren will write the building instructions. I think it is beautiful. It will be offered with a choice of ribs for a fully sheeted wing or D-Tube sheeting. The stab is also d-tube sheeted with built up trailing edge and the stab control horn is inside the fin. I'm sure many will be built with ailerons and flaps with a lower dihedral angle.

    Framed WF - XL
    Sneak peak at Ray's Proto WF - XL showing the dihedral set up at 2" under Rib #12.

    Framed WF - XL top
    Sneak Peak at my first WF - XL under construction

  • Designs by Leon Kincaid

    3M Scooter, Heat Seeker, Free Spirit 99", Free Spirit 120", 2M Back To Basics. Sky Bench has Exclusive Mfg. Kit Rights to the above designs. Watch for further information.

    3M Scooter
    Leon's 3M Scooter

  • Designs by Ed Slobod

    Pierce 970, Pierce Arrow, Paragon, Paramount, Gemini and Ridge Rat. Sky Bench has Exclusive Mfg. Kit Rights to the above designs. Watch for further information.

    Ed Slobod's Paragon


    Paragon Laser Cut Parts
    Fuse parts for Paragon, Laser cut Wing parts for Paragon, Laser cut

    This is a very, very quick building kit. The fuse snaps together with dead on accuracy. And the wing is three piece for easy transporting and construction. No wing rod to install means QUICK CONSTRUCTION.

    I am very glad I can bring this classic back to the flying fields and it is just in time for today's high interest in installing e power to our Sailplanes. There is plenty of room in the fuse for the motor and batteries with easy access.

  • ASK 18, 64" wing span, fiberglass fuse and molded canopy with optional Hi Start. Fiberglass fuse and vac. formed canopy. S 3014 airfoil ( best all around airfoil I know of), this awesome small scale design will be great for slope or launched from my specially designed Hi Start for small field flying.
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RC Electric Sailplanes manufactured by Sky Bench
* kits currently being modified by builder for electric
Minie Lil'Bird E 50"speed 280 Park Flyer
Lil' Bird 2 * 60" speed 400 direct or geared
2ME Lil Bird 78"  
Big Bird and XL Electric 100"-110"  
Sky Bird * 132"  
Sunbird * 56" speed 400 direct or geared
Electric Sparky64" WS  
OLY ll - ll S - SX - lll * 100"-132"  
Osprey 1.5M E 60" New Kit not yet ready
RC Sailplanes manufactured by Sky Bench
Sun Bird 56" Dave Thornburg design
Lil' Bird 2 60" Ray Hayes design
2M Lil Bird 78" " " "
Big Bird 100" " " "
Sky Bird 132" " " "
Paragon 118" Ed Slobod design
Pierce 970 120" " " "
Pierce Arrow 76" " " "
OLY ll 100" Lee Renaud design
OLY ll S 104" Same as OLY ll, but with S 3014 airfoil, modified fuse
OLY ll SX 102.5" Ray Hayes design, S 3014 airfoil
OLY lll 132" Ray Hayes design, S 3014 airfoil
Challenger 144" Otto Heithecker design
Legionair 140" Cecil Haga design
Legionair 132" " " "
Legionair 100" " " "
Thermal Queen 144" Carl Lorber
WF-XL 116" Ray Hayes design inspired by Mark Smith's Windfree.
Windward 72" Rod and Mark Smith design
Viking MKl 118" Tom Williams design
Viking MKll 118" " " "
Windrifter 100" " " "
RC Scale Sailplanes manufactured by Sky Bench
Baby Bowlus 122" Plan by Col Thacker
ASK 18 65" Fiberglass fuse and vacuumed formed canopy, Not ready yet
ASK 18 157" CAD plans
Libelle 157" Fiberglass fuse and vacuum formed canopy. Not ready yet.
Hi Starts manufactured by Sky Bench
Mini Hi Start Ray Hayes design Used in Wood Crafters.


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