Libelle built by Ray Hayes
Libelle built by Ray Hayes

Libelle factory prochure page 1

Libelle factory prochure page 2

ASK 18

1/3 scale ASK 18 at Torry Pines

ASK-18 Model in the grass

ASK-18 Former Cover
The 1/64 ply former cover will give the cockpit a nice finished look by hiding those laser cut slots.

ASK-18 Canopy Tray
Laser cut Canopy tray, hardwood rails not shown.

ASK-18 Wheel housing and instrument panel
Instrument panel and wheel housing.

ASK-18 rib stack

ASK-18 ribs in sheets
Laser cut ribs

ASK-18 Wing mounts
Wing Saddle joiner system. Utilizes two 5/16" steel rods and 11/32" brass tubes. Wings slide on rods and butt to fuse sides. Wing ribs have pre cut holes for the brass tubes.

ASK 18 Short Kit ......... $185.00

Pre cut Ejector Pin Wing rods and Brass tubes kit. $34.95

Shipping $39.00

164.5" wing span., of shear beauty and easy construction with laser cut parts.

This is a short kit that includes a beautiful vacuumed formed canopy, laser cut ribs, fuse formers ( parts are shown in photos ), CAD plans with left and right wing panels. High grade Plywood and Balsa Wood laser cut parts, NO wing sheeting, spars, stick or block parts and No Building Instructions.

ASK 18 Material List

Click here for Jim Ealy's ASK 18 Build Thread.

ASK-18 Full size instrument panel and seat

ASK-18 Full size instrument panel
Full size and slightly used ASK 18 instrument panel, pic from Vincent Cockett.

ASK18 on approach over ASK18 on tarmack
Oxford, Michigan, 1987

ASK18 on tarmack


Baby Bowlus

New! New! See Jim Ealy's photo/text report on the Baby Bowlus Albatross

Magazine Build Article

I am very happy to announce the availability of my up graded Baby Bowlus short kit. The kit now includes a beautiful, light weight 1" diameter boom, the construction plans, instrument panel with bezels as shown below (click on bezel photo, the bezels include the mounting holes) and the same high quality laser cut parts supplied in the previous kits. The tip trailing edges and ribs to all the flying surfaces have been modified from shown on plan. The plan shows 1/16" wire used for the trailing edges, experiecnce has shown the wire doesn't want to stay put, so laser cut balsa trailing edges have replaced the wire. As in all short kits, the sheet wood, spars, leading edges and hardware are not part of the kit.

Wing Span 122" Airfoil Modified Gottingen 525
Wing Area 1400 sq. in. Weight 7 - 8 lbs.
Scale 2-3/4" to the foot 11" Wing Chord
Boom Diameter 1"

Model Builder cover for September 1975 Acknowledgements and Thanks:

Frank Zaic sent Sky Bench a copy of the Bungee Cord Newsletter of the Vintage Sailplane Association, Vol 6, Number 4, Winter/December 1980 issue that was titled the Bowlus Issue containing a wonderful in depth revue of Harley Bowlus's career. Mr. Zaic included a letter describing his early full scale flying days at Elmira and noted that his FAI Pilots Certificate is signed by Orville Wright. The Certificate is now in the care of the AMA Museum in Muncie, Indiana and many other Ziac artifacts are located at the San Diego Museum.

The Col. Thacker and his wonderful flying Baby Bowlus being admired by the group of scale soaring enthusiasts at the SOAR NATS, way back in the Seventies.

Click here for larger picture.

Bill Munroe sent Sky Bench three views and photo copies of the Bowlus Super Albatross.

Click here for larger picture.

Robert Harold sent Sky Bench the above photo of his beautiful scratch built 122" R/C Baby Albatross.

Baby Bowlus Albatross 122" short kit $154.00 
Includes: plans, copy of the magazine article Col. Bob Thacker wrote, beautiful light weight aluminum boom, instrument panel with bezels, and quality laser cut parts.

Does not include step by step instructions.

Does not include Material List.

Pre cut 5/16" Ejector Pin Wing rods and Brass tubes kit. ... $24.95

Parts for the Baby Bowlus kit
Click here for larger picture. Click here for larger picture.

Baby Bowlus in flight

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Bowlus BA-100 Baby Albatross
Baby Albatross (preview)

Attached pictures of my modified Baby Albatross now finished
David AKA The Brit

david alchin

Bowlus wheel Bowlus tow release detail Bowlus wing bottom Bowlus tail bottom Bowlus tail boom looking forward Bowlus fuse bottom looking forward Bowlus top front view Bowlus whole plane Bowlus along the wing Bowlus detail- top middle Bowlus cockpit closeup Bowlus cockpit instrument panel

Full Scale Bowlus looking into hanger Full Scale Bowlus looking out of hanger Full Scale Bowlus nose Full Scale Bowlus seat

1941 Bowlus "Baby Albatross" Sailplane

Model # BA-100, Serial # 174, FAA Registration # N17641, Manufacture Date 10/25/1941 Restored by Jim Stoia, Well Known Collector from Manning, NC --- 1998 Award Winner --- Has Hung on display at National Soaring Museum in Elmira, New York.

Real 1-26 at Iona 1-26 Patch

Schweizer l - 26 B

This is a partial machined wood kit that includes the plans and all wood parts except sheet and strip wood. Canopy not furnished. Parts are beautifully machined cut and sanded to the highest quality.


Wing Span 120" - Airfoil Clark Y - Quarter Scale

Kit Price...................... $149.95 ..................... Out of stock

Below......Karl Cassidy's photos of the Sky Bench l-26 kit he is building. Photos will include modifications and comments. You will be able to email questions to Karl who lives in Dublin, Ireland. See the build articles.

3 Modelers holding thier 1-26's 1-26 in scale clothing

Plans for Schweizer 1-2G

Fuse Parts Schweizer 1-2G

Rib stacks Schweizer 1-2G

Other parts Schweizer 1-2G

Tail Schweizer 1-2G

Real instrument panel
Photo of full scale Schweizer l-26 teakwood instrument panel

See Karl Cassidy's build articles.

Kirby Tutor on Tow




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