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Ray and his Oly II

Ray and his OLY ll
at one of my favorite flying fields.

The OLY ll is a favorite of thousands of new and experienced pilots. It is so easy to build and fly, very sturdy, easy to repair and goes up in the lightest of lift.
Woodys Forever

David and his Oly

Hello Ray

My new Oly ready to take to the sky over the Thousand Oaks Soaring Society's new site at Sapwi Trails park. Went up straight and true off the bench. I built and flew my first Oly 35 plus years ago. Thanks for putting together such a nice kit. I'm now scratching a Pierce Arrow and looking forward to purchasing a Paragon when available.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Flat bottoms rule! David


Oly II box label
[Click image for closer view.]

Sky Bench is proud to announce the availability of the famed Original Airtronics Olympic II sailplane kit, better know as the OLY II. We are now producing this great flying and super durable Lee Renaud design.

Oly II in flight - in front of blue sky Oly II in flight - in front of clouds
Dave Garwood's photo's for his OLY ll kit review published in Flying Models magazine December 2004 issue.

The OLY II has been the best beginners R/C Sailplane for years and has taught thousands of r/c sailplane enthusiasts how to fly successfully. The OLY II will stay up on the slightest of thermal activity and produce long flights for the beginner, but don't be fooled into thinking it is only for beginners. The OLY II is still winning contests, Tom Kellevang flew his OLY to first place in the 2000 AMA/LSF Nostalgia NATS and the wind was fierce all day.

The kit was originally designed to build fast and now Sky Bench has improved on that with laser cut wing ribs that are stacked, and ready for immediate use with out needing to be punched out like a die cut kit. The fin is now a one piece laser cut part that saves building time and more importantly makes a much stronger tail section to better withstand a flip over landing. Both the stab and rudder also have laser cut parts to save building time and create more accurate and stronger flying surfaces. The fuse top and bottom are now laser cut and this will also save building time.

The wing leading edges are pre shaped and require minimal sanding, spoilers are optional, but installation is shown on the construction plan. All hardware to complete the model is furnished except the adhesives and covering materials. The 5/16" steel wing rod that joins the two wing halves is a competition level wing joiner.

Separate plans are furnished for the wings and the construction manual is illustrated with lots of photos to make building a snap.


I finished the Oly 2e by early spring but only flew it a couple days ago. My goal was to have a 7 oz / sf electric glider and it came in at 7.2 oz. Boy am I happy, floats like an Oly should.

This was my first electric and I didn't feel a need for it to go up vertical and tried to keep the watts lower but it still seems overpowered, applying power the nose comes up and it climbs like crazy. The D35/36/9 motor and 30 amp ESC are mounted in a fiberglass cowl screwed to a modified bulkhead with 3 nylon screws. This was done to provide a more streamlined profile and also easy motor replacement. The low weight still carries 2 batteries-11002S10C Rx and 1300.3S.25 motor battery. Other changes were rudder area was increased by a triangular trailing edge and a CF wing joiner replaced the steel which reduced the wing loading by .2 oz / sf.

I probably spent as much time building the fiberglass cowl as I did the rest of the plane. Your kit parts were so perfect in the way it fit together, it amazed me. I know I'm going to love this glider.

Thank you for the superb work, Joe Vano

Joe Vano's Oly IIe

Motor on Joe Vano's Oly IIe

Steve Bacon's Oly II

Thanks Ray,

OLY ll makes its first flight, Your advice was sage.

I got so pumped building this, that next year I'll be looking around to build another.

Steve Bacon

Ron's Oly II

This was my second build after the Gentle Lady. The OLY II had its test flight this weekend and did great. 16 minutes off the winch with very little lift. Looking forward to building the Big Bird.


Ron's Sky Bench plans

Ron Clarkson's growing fleet of Sky Bench kits.
Wow, that's a Beautiful Big Bird.

OLY II Construction Tips

Cool! Oly II Testimonials with Photos Cool!

New! New!Click here See Ed Whyte's OLY II Instructions.
New instructions for Sky Bench's revised OLY ll kit will be written and posted here when completed.

Technical Data
Wing Span: 99.9" Wing Area: 928 sq. in
Fuselage Length: 49" Radio System: 2 or 3 channel
Wing Loading: 5.5-6.0 oz./sq.ft. Airfoil: 10% thick flat bottom

Kit Price, $168.95

Bob Legue's Electric Conversion

.. Interior motor area dimensions ..
W: 1-3/8" H: 1-5/8" L: ADJ. 2-1/2" to 3-7/8"

Notice.......... January 2006

I have been continually striving to improve the OLY ll kit to improve the strength and the ease of assembly.

The kit now includes the Du Bro Laser push rod package and Du Bro metal clevises. This will improve the quality of the kit and make the building more enjoyable.

An electric motor mount former is also included in the OLY ll kits. Many builders use four wood triangles in the corners of the fuse to round the fuse down to match the spinner diameter.

Flight Battery and Servo Information:

I use a 4 cell, KR-1400-AE Ni-Cd Flight Battery pack from Batteries America, with a Hitec receiver protection rubber pad (1/8" thick) between the nose block and pack. This fits just right in my OLY ll. I have two quarters for added nose weight. I'm using the larger size Hitec HS 300 servos for rudder and elelvator.

GLASS RES winner, Kevin, age 14
14 year old wins first place in his first contest flying an "Oly II"

Oly 2 Fuse parts
Laser cut fuse parts. Snap lock parts totally reduces building time and the newly designed parts increase the fuse strength tremendously. Note the servo/switch tray and 1/64 plywood doublers, Lee Renaud would be proud of this kit.

Oly 2 tail parts
The stab tips and leading edge center splice part, elevators with control horn mounting holes, rudder top and bottom and fin are all laser cut for fast building time.

Covered Oly 2 tail parts
This is my completed parts. The bottom of the stab and bottom of the fin were left uncovered for gluing purposes.

OLY ll build by Kuhan and his son Keeran.
Hats off to the Fathers that give their children quality time.
Oly 2 framed wing

The wing leading edges are pre shaped and require minimal sanding, spoilers are optional, but installation is shown on the construction plan. All hardware to complete the model is furnished except the adhesives and covering materials. The 5/16" steel wing rod that joins the two wing halves is a competition level wing joiner.

Separate plans are furnished for the wings and the construction manual is illustrated with lots of photos to make building a snap.

Beginners tips: Flying R/C Sailplanes
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

New OLY kits

OLY ll S ... a Very fast building kit!

Thanks for a great kit. This is the equipment I installed.
Bill Shepard

Motor - Turnigy C3530-1400
10 X 6 folding prop
ESC - Turnigy plush 40A
2200 mAh 3 cell battery
Dubro spinner

Looks just like the original OLY ll, but the airfoil is changed to S 3014 for great penetration. The wing's leading edge is D-Tube balsa sheeted, top and bottom, for a more accurate airfoil shape and added strength. The OLY ll S will float very slowly without out dropping a wing tip prematurely, but with a couple clicks of down elevator will fly in 10 - 15 mph winds easily. Construction Plan shows flaps and/or spoilers, builders choice, kit is supplied with the spoilers and plywood horns. The OLY ll S wing will not fit on the regular OLY ll fuse. If your building a sailplane for the first time, the OLY ll wing is a bit easier to understand since it doesn't have the wing sheeting to install. Look at the instructions linked below and decide which kit you would like to start with. Both wings are two piece for easy transporting.

The OLY ll S or OLY ll will be a terrific choice for electric powered installation. Electric powered sailplanes is the most convenient way to learn how to fly RC sailplanes, the most convenient way to launch them and probably the fastest way to successful RC flying. The best way to really sharpen your flying skills is launching from a Hi Start or Winch. Both kits include a laser cut plywood motor mount for Speed 600 or 700 motors. Other motors will require adapting the motor mount. See Hobby Lobby for sourcing.

I guarantee you will be impressed with the performance level of my new OLY ll S design. ... Ray ...

.. Interior motor area dimensions ..
W: 1-1/8" H: 1-5/8" L: ADJ. 2-1/2" to 3-7/8"

OLY II S Kit price .. $178.95

Bob Legue's Electric Conversion

OLY II S Instructions and Photos (9.7 MB PDF)

Ray's OLY ll S

The best reason to own both an OLY ll and an OLY ll S is the difference in flight characteristics and the similarity.

Especially if you are relatively new to building and flying RC Sailplanes.

If your new to flying RC Sailplanes, start with the OLY ll. If you have flown other Sailplanes and are not intimidated building a D-Tube sheeted wing and built up trailing edge, then don't miss out on flying the OLY ll S.

Both will make fantastic Electric Powered RC Sailplanes.

Here are the set up specifications on my OLY ll S

Flying weight ... 42 oz
Wing Span ...102.5"
Wing Area ... 908 sq in - 6.31 sq ft
Wing Loading ... 7.77 oz per sq ft
Balance Point ... 6 - 3/16" Forward of T. E.
( Wing's trailing edge )

Tow Hook located in laser cut whole in the Plywood Fuse bottom. Approximately an 1/8" behind the balance point.

Rudder throw ... 1-5/8" each way.
Stab max up ... 1/2".
Stab max down ... 3/8".

I build my Spoilers on all of my kits to open straight up, they are very effective that way and that explains why my kits are designed with shorter spoiler blades. The shorter the spoiler blade, the less disturbance to flight performance when they are closed.

OLY ll S ........... It is going to build fast!

Oly II S stab and rudder parts

OLY ll S-X

This new version of the OLY ll S eliminates the rubber band wing hold down system. Wings are mounted to the fuse sides like the OLY lll.

Kit Price ... $188.95
Wing Area ... 908 sq in

Oly II SX, raw sides

Oly II SX, more sides

Oly II SX sample plan instruction.  Click for larger view.

Uncovered Oly II SX by Jon Lusk


Long cold winter days puts you in the basement building next springs thermo ships. I purchased a Oly II SX from Sky Bench Models in Ind. This is a 100" thermo ship with wing rods not rubber bands to hold the wing on. You can install an elect motor with very little trouble.

I needed a project for the winter so I decided on the Oly II SX with electric power. I chose a Turnigy 2836/8 motor with a Turnigy Plush 30A ESC and some Turnigy Nano-tec 1300Ma 3 cell Li-Polys, a 10-6 and 11-6 folding prop and metal spinner. I hoped I would have enough power to get the 3lb a/c up and into the clouds.

I mounted the motor on a 4ft. piece of 4x4 pine and placed it on the floor, as it went by my nose I pulled the battery lose and managed keep from breaking the prop or the motor. Minor damage to my face and shirt. With the 10-6 prop it pulls 22 amps and 28amps with a 11-6. I guess if it will fly a 2x4x4' it should fly the Oly. The pix shows it ready for sanding, final assembly and covering.

John Lusk

Finished Oly II SX by Jon Lusk

Sorry to say but the Oly II SX-E is finished. I hoped to make the build last for a month and a half to get through the cold part of the winter. It was a fun and a easy build. Installing the electric motor was no problem, with the battery behind the motor, then servos then the ESC and the receiver under the wing rod tube. I installed flaps and cut them out of the trailing edge so they are flush with the bottom of the wing. I had to beef up the trailing edge and flaps with spruce and if I had do-over's I would use 1 1/2" trailing edge stock to make the wing a little more solid and could reflex the flaps for a little speed. The weather was up to 57 today (warm for Madison Wi.) and I had planed to do a test fly, BUT:

It rained all night and water got into the basement and I had to pull up the carpet and rent a dehumidifier. It's now dark, my back hurts and I think I will consume many adult beverages. Will let you know how it fly's this spring, we are having 6" of snow tomorrow and high of 6 degrees on Thursday.

John Lusk

Crunk's Oly II SX


Maiden flight of my Oly II SX this morning. Flew beautifully.


Fred Crunk

If you're new to building Woody kits and flying them, I suggest you start with the OLY ll, the #1 trainer kit for thousands of newbies. If you have had building experience, but not much flying experience, choose between the OLY ll and OLY ll S. The difference is in the wing airfoil, consequently, the wing construction. The S has a sheeted top and bottom area between the leading edge and a bit past the spar, plus a built up trailing edge. Both have the SAFETY feature of the wings held on with Rubber bands. This method of wing attachment adds durability to a sailplane while improving your landing skills.

If you are going to install an electric motor, consider the fuse difference between the SX and the original OLY ll fuse. The wings held on by rubber bands means the fuse section under the wing allows super easy access to the large motor/Rx battery. The motor controller allows the motor battery to also power the Receiver, eliminating the need for two flight batteries. The SX requires a battery hatch access in the top of the fuse, long enough to fit the battery system you choose or in the bottom of the fuse. The bottom access requires cutting a hatch in the plywood bottom. Builders choice.

The OLY ll SX has a narrower fuse than the OLY ll and OLY ll S. ( The SX electric motor mount former dimensions are 1-3/8" wide, 1-5/8" tall ). This means less drag and coupled with eliminating the rubber band posts protruding from the fuse sides provides a better performance factor.

Please note: Sailplane Performance starts and ends with pilot skill, in the middle is sailplane performance potential. Beginner pilots need pilot skills first, sailplane performance second. However ... Many, Many contests have been won by the OLY ll.

The OLY ll S and SX can be agressively Zoomed launched from an electric powered winch. They can fly very well in windy conditions due to the airfoil, allowing you to fly more often and more competitively.

The OLY ll S Kit Series are starting a new chapter to continue the legacy of OLY 11.

Flaps will provide the best landing control for accuracy and safety. They can be coupled to the stab in your Tx to provide a slow and controlled landing. They can also be utilized during launch and flying, but there is a learning curve and most pilots over use the flaps.

Brinson's Oly IISX Brinson and his Oly IISX


I finished my Oly II SX-E this spring and have flown it a few times now. I really appreciate the high quality wood in your kit. It's really fun to build something that comes off the bench straight and requires no trim adjustments. I used an O.S. 3810 motor, Castle 45A ESC, and an 11-7 prop. It climbs with authority. In fact, I have yet to use full throttle in flight. It gets to a 150 meter cut-off in about 20 seconds. I also like the low speed handling qualities of this airplane. No tips stalls and plenty of rudder make maneuvering low and slow at a landing target much less stressful. In all areas, a very impressive design and kit.

Thank you,
- Mike Brinson


Oly III laser cut parts Oly III laser cut parts

Ann and her Oly III

Hi Ray! I had a 36+ minute flight today with the Oly III!! Love this sailplane. I could have stayed up longer, but my neck was aching. Going to have to exercise those muscles if I want to keep flying this plane. :-)


Jim Bates and his Oly III

OLY lll took 2nd place in Woodie Class at last years Visalia CVRC event.

Built by:
Roman Lopatynski (pic)

Flown by:
Jeff Bates

Perry Bell and his Oly III

Good evening Ray,

I finally completed my OLY III that I purchased from You/Sky Bench, over a year ago. I'm waiting for a calm day to do the Maiden flight. I Love it and your Kit was Fantastic! Thank you for such a wonderful kit. Feel free to use the photos below in any manner your would like if you choose.

Perry Bell

Midgley's Oly III

Hi Ray,

Hope this finds you well, here is a picture of my daughter Haley and my Olympic III. I lengthened and widened the nose for electric power, the firewall and extension are glassed in as the nose is pretty thin up front. The motor is a Neumotor 1107 2Y driving a 6.7 to 1 gear box that spins the 16x10 prop. The Esc and bec is Hitec as is the receiver. the battery is a 3 cell 2200 milliamperes lipo. I think I did the nose justice, I was reluctant to hack up your design too much. The only other modification was adding carbon fiber to the spars. She weighs in at 68.35 oz with the battery and ready to fly, for about 9.2 oz a square foot. and aside from the not so great covering job I'm very pleased with her. So far I have had 3 fling sessions. The first two in fairly windy conditions 15 to 20 mph and I was able to get a few good flights in and stay up for 15 to 25 minutes at a time working spotty lift and some slope lift off a tree line. She doesn't mind the wind much at all and penetrates well unballasted. This past Saturday I had my best day. Your design had me smiling from ear to ear. I felt like I was cheating. The wind was out of the south at 5 to 10 mph about 90 degrees for temp and scattered clouds. I setup just north and east of a big soccer tournament, lots of parked cars and the lift was booming I had 4 flights the first three were up to about 500 feet on the motor and the fairly quickly up to my visual range limit and the back down with the spoilers. All three of those flights were 20 minutes plus and I could have stayed up much longer. The last flight was 45 minutes plus and I went up and down 3 times to my visual limit. What a blast, I'm about to charge the lipos up and see if I can do as well today without all those parked cars. I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the plane, what a great design. The build was great and the end result was more than worth the effort. I currently have the little bird on the bench and am working on that. After I finish her up I'll have to decide if it's the skybird or the 970. It has been almost twenty years since I have flown sailplanes and I have many fond memories flying with my dad. Passing the transmitter back and forth and trying to beat each other's longest flight on a much used Mirage. After The kids were grown and doing their own things I bought a new radio and a Arf glider that got top reviews. What a disappointment. I almost hung it up right there. I'm glad I found your website and ordered a kit. Thanks again.

Jon Midgley
Benbrook Texas

OLY lll

D-Tube Wing construction.
Wing Span 132"   Airfoil S 3014
Wing Area 1066 sq in   RES Flying weight 59 oz.
Wing loading in flight - 8 oz. per sq. ft.

Wing is D-Tube sheeting with built up trailing edge
Wings mount to fuse sides with pass through wing rod
Plans show optional ailerons, flaps and spoilers.

Hello RES Arfs

Kit Price $228.95

Joe Burns wrote:

Text enlarged and spacing widened for computer wrecked eyes and old folks-often one and the same.

Hope this adds something as it certainly helps me in the building process to see a pic with instructions.

Joe's rendition of Bob and Terry's instructions. (1.6 MByte)

Bob Leque's Oly III Instructions
MS Word Document Version(780 kByte)
Bob Leque's Oly III

Terry Forbes OLY III Instructions
Terry Forbes and his Oly III

Tips on adding carbon to the wing spars.

U Tube .. OLY lll with flaps and spoilers

Bill Eckles's Oly III

Hi Ray,

I just composed a long letter, the gist of which was to order a new Oly III. My first one bit the dust today from some sort of launching mishap...I tried to use both hands and managed to get something spoiled in the radio antenna in the process. Earlier in the day she'd specked out, actually faded out in some relatively low marine layer left over from the morning, and it was the "one last flight" that did it. I have truly enjoyed this plane and used her to capture my first trophy, first place in "Sportsman" at Torrey Pines Gulls! The dark blue and flaming orange colors light up the southern California skies, but today she spiraled into the ground in a shallow brush pile under a huge Sycamore that took care of the wings. You should know, the design and build was very strong as she really ripped through some upper branches before meeting her demise.

I am eager to get going on a replacement. Yes, I'll try to learn from this, but really am not skilled enough to rebuild the whole thing...fuse broke in two in front of the wing on impact, the empennage broke, though not badly, in front of the stab. and the wings tore out both joiner boxes. My nose canopy and "lid" are the only entire pieces left!

Bill Eckles

Craig and his Oly III

Hello Ray, just a note to show you the completed Oly III with flaps. She's ready to fly and balanced right on the spar. All up weight is 61oz. I hope to maiden as soon as the NW weather allows. Best regards.


Competition Flying
by Ray Hayes  LSF803

Manfred Waldmann's Oly III
Manfred Waldmann's OLY III with ailerons flys the blue skies in Germany.

Randy Smith and his Oly III

Hello Ray,

My Oly III flew for the first time today. My complements on the design and the kit, this is a very elegant sailplane at a very reasonable cost. I am attaching a low res photo, and looking forward to the release of your WF-XL kit.

Randy Smith

Don and his Oly III

Hi Ray,

Here's a photo of my newly finished Olympic III, I'm very proud of the way it turned out. I must say that I was a bit intimidated beings this was my first build but when I got the kit, I knew I could do it. All the components were cut to perfection and fit like a glove and was very easy to visualize with the detail in the drawing. This has been one of the best experiences in my life thanks to you and the guys on RCG.

Best Regards,

Sean Brown's bare Oly III, pic 1
Sean Brown's bare Oly III, pic 2

Thank you Ray for providing such an outstanding kit. Wood selection is superb, fit of all parts is amazing. Plans and instructions are accurate and thorough. I have never had more fun building a sailplane in my life! Everyone that has seen the kit was equally impressed and I count some top-notch builders in that group. I can't wait to build some of your other offerings. So many fine choices, so little time.

Sean Brown

Steve's Oly III downunder
Steve, from Australia with his beautiful OLY lll

Steve's Oly III and Magpie
Steve's OLY lll has attracted an Australian Magpie.

Steve's 2M Lil'Bird
Steve's 2M Lil'Bird in action.

Jim Allen's Oly III
Jim Allen's mighty fine looking OLY lll

Tom Scully's Oly III
Tom Scully's winning OLY III, Toledo 08 Show.

Frank and Larry with their elect oly IIIs


Just had to let you know how much we love this plane! Larry and I put the Olys up on Sunday and this plane just floats forever! We have Ammo 28-45-2100 brushless motors with 4.3-1 planetaries with 16-10 folders on them. Only took about a 20 sec. climb to get to 500ft. and mother nature provided the rest of the lift. After a 30 min. and 45 min. flight we decided that this is the best glider we have ever built/flown. We only used the power on initial climbout, the rest of the flight was thermal/slope off the top of hill at our field here in southeast Ohio. You will probably get another order for a kit from some of the onlookers that watched in ahhhhhh as these birds flew. Thank you for a great plane.
Frank Groza
Larry Townsend

Ned's new Oly IIs

Hi Ray -

I just want to share with you that I had the maiden flight of a Sky Bench Oly III yesterday evening. First was a hand toss and she flew straight as an arrow and without needing any trim adjustments. Next we hooked her onto a high start and away she went. She rotated perfectly upon release and climbed straight and true. Once aloft there was no need for trim adjustment either for directional or vertical stabilization. My buddy at the field was equally amazed by the flight characteristics of the O3. He flies a Paragon which in his words is a flying brick when compared to the O3. I want to thank you for building such a wonderful product. I believe that with time the O3 will help me to progress quickly up the LSF ladder of skills. I am a new pilot and my first plane was a Sig Riser which was a great plane to learn with. With the O3 I am convinced that my skill level will accelerate in it's development.

Kindest regards,

Ned Burdick
AMA 912988

Neville and Ann holding their new Oly IIIs

Hi Ray. Neville and I successfully maidened our newly built birds today. They flew brilliantly! Awesome planes made from your wonderful kits. Thanks for your dedication to woodies!


Neville flying his Oly III in the 2014 NATS

2014 AMA Nationals, Neville flying his OLY lll, his wife and Ray Monroe cherring him on. This turned out to be a great reunion for all of us having flown in the Canadian Nats together in 1977. Hopefully, Ann will join them in the 2015 AMA Nats.

Craig and his Oly III

Hello Ray,

Well, this novice completed building the Oly III, on 8/20/2014, with your help and advice. I successfully flew it 10 times, and from the very first flight, 2 days ago, to the 10th flight this morning, it has flown spectacularly. STRAIGHT & LEVEL, FOREVER.

I took my time to prevent any warp in the wings and fuse. I very carefully aligned the stab and rudder; and ensured that wings were balance, and that the c.g. was right-on. Following your instructions to the letter, culminated in a fantastic 1st flight and an electric sail plane which will provide many hours of flight fun and enjoyment.

Please see the attached.

Thank You, RAY.


Kevin O'Dell and his newly finished OLY lll
Kevin O'Dell his Oly III

Hello all.....I wanted to report that I have yet to have a maiden flight of the Oly III since I was in the hospital for 24 days back in January. I had an above the knee amputation of my right leg. Everything is going well though as next Friday I should stat the fitting of my first prosthesis. The minute I'm able to drive and get some nice weather, I will be at the field with the hi-start laid out and let this big bird find some rising air! I appreciate everyone's input during the build and I will post final all up pics in the next few weeks. I'll get pics and video during the maiden as I have another glider guider that is chomping at the bit to see this bird fly. I'll see you later. Kevin O'Dell

Kevin, Many of us look forward to your photos and Video, wishing you the best. Ray

Dave Dahl's Oly III Electric
Dave Dahl's Electric Oly III full view
Dave Dahl's Electric Oly III back view
Dave Dahl's Electric conversion close-up

Just maidened this today.

Now I have a reason to attend this event

After building this electric converted Oly III off and on for about a year or more, I finally got it finished and flown today. It was my third Skybench build.

Flew great...no issues other than messing with CG, throws, and launch and spoiler mixing. I've owned a bunch of sailplanes over the years, and I gotta say, the Oly III flies really nice!

Power is a Neu 1110 motor geared 6.7:1 on a 3S 1300mah pack with a 38mm spinner and 16X10 prop. "Spirited performance" is a good way to describe it

The main building challenge was the nose, but by using an 8 sided firewall with triangle stock, blocks and a bunch or sanding, it all worked out.

Thanks Ray for such nice kits for the builders out there!

Dave Dahl




Sky Bench Aerotech 

Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46804