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Osprey 100

Osprey 100 info
Osprey 100 being launched

Osprey 900

Part of the Osprey 900 plans
Osprey 900 in 1978
Osprey 900 tail group

Wing Span 100" - Wing Flaps are optional

Designed in 1977, test flown in January 1978

Currently available only as a Partial Kit

See Tom Scott's build Thread

Includes: Laser cut parts, construction plan .. $118.00

Wing Rod 5/16, brass tubes and alignment wire .. $18.95

Shipping USA .... $22.95

Tom's Osprey 900

I test flew my Osprey on June 18, 2017 and found the design to have remarkable performance. The 62.5 oz weight and 10 oz/sq ft wing loading gave the model a high L/D and float considering its 100 in span. The model launches straight up the line and in float mode does a very efficient flat turn with little or no elevator. My second test flight off of a 2 meter hi-start gave me a long ride to speck-out altitude at 9:00 am. In my opinion the Osprey 900 with it's camber changing wing was ahead of its time.

Great achievement Ray!

Tom Gressman

Group launching a Osprey 900
L-R Buddy Palmer, Ray Hayes, unknown, Phil Gieseking, Jerry Kay

This is the Speed version of my Osprey 900. It won the Speed event at the 1979 LSF Tournament hosted by Dan Pruss and his SOAR club. This was the debut year of the Sagitta 900, Lee Renaud had an army of Sagitta 900 flyers attend the Tournament and this Osprey 900 won the speed event. The story continued when Lee's army of Sagitta 900 flyers showed up later this year at my F3B Warm UP contest at LOFT field to try and make up for their loss at the Tournament. The original Osprey 900 with flaps won many, many soaring and speed contests and is superior to this speed version. The Osprey 900 kit is the optional flap version that can be built with rib caps for open bay construction or fully top sheeted wings.

Osprey 900
Dave Thornburg's
Model Builder magazine article

Tom Scott's Osprey 900
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Ray Hayes, Eric Podzielinski, Walter Golembiewski
Osprey 1000
Detroit Snow Fly, maybe the mid eighties, L-R, Ray Hayes, Eric Podzielinski, Walter Golembiewski, Great flying buddies. We were all flying Osprey's.


1.5m Osprey collage

1.5m Osprey on fence, Click here for larger picture. 1.5m Osprey on bench, Click here for larger picture. 1.5m Osprey on the ground, Click here for larger picture.

Ray and his Osprey award
2M Osprey

Full view of Osprey


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