Sorry, I am not accepting new orders due to backlog of orders with the FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:

Starting OCTOBER 2018 the following kits can be ordered, they are not on the shelves for immediate shipping. Watch for more kits to be added here.

HOWEVER, I DO HAVE Partial Kits available for shipping within approximately ten days from receipt of your order. Use the above partial kits link to view the available Partial Kits.

The passing of my long time laser cutter has had a tremendous slow down effect on getting kits cut by others. He also did all my CAD work.

Thank you all who have been so patiently waiting for your full kit order.

The situation will be changing soon in time for the Building Season.


Woodys Forever

Please note the shipping time notice on the order form. The time info changes based on circumstances, it does not stay the same.

Due to my situation, I can not take phone call orders or call you for credit card info.

Thank you for your interests in our products.

Presently, we do not have on-line ordering. Our order form is intended to be sent by E-Mail or Printed and Mailed to Sky Bench. Please click on the form before you print it, so your browser will print the correct thing.

Click here for web page form.
Click here for printable (PDF) form.

If you are installing an electric motor, please make a check mark in the Survey Box on the order form. The nose block will be eliminated and replaced with four triangle pieces used to contour the motor area.

We accept Visa, Master Card credit cards, Money Orders or Checks.