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Hi Ray,

Please add me to your Airtronics list!

The rest here might be TMI (too much information). I will toss out my question. Could I include some of the Airtronics airplanes in the flight simulator FS One? I think this would help promote your Sky Bench site/services/kits -- especially, your Airtronics lineup.

You probably know that I am the person behind the FS One flight simulator (credit goes out to a bunch of people who have contributed over the years). But right now it is mainly a hobby for me.

Please let me know what you think about this idea. Why I care ... (in no particular order):

Here I am with my Olympic II in 1977:

Michael Selig and his Oly II

This was my first RC airplane. This photo was taken in Lawrenceville IL by Frank Supinie. He was the junior high math and shop teacher and played a big role in getting kids involved with model airplanes. He always had a stash of SIG SIG-MENT ready to hand out for anything involving balsa wood and airplanes.

Here I am with my Gere Sport ~1980 (red airplane):

Michael Selig and his Gere Sport

Here is one of my Aquila's on the wall, plus Jetco Talon, Legionair 140 (orange), and Oly II (blue):

Michael Selig's wall of planes

I built three Aquila's.

And this is one my ~three Q-Tee's (1977):

I would still have some of these (one's not crashed) had it not been for a fire, which wiped them all out. The neighbor's kid was playing with fireworks, and put one in the mulch on the side of the house. We had wood siding, and that was that. I was testing airfoils at Princeton University around this time ...

Later (~1990), Airtronics used one of my airfoil designs (S3021) on the Legend:

Ad Flyer for Airtronic's Legend

Again, if I could put any of these in FS One, I would be sure to include reference to your site!

I am currently building a Q-Tee that I got on eBay.

Here is the FS One sim website.





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