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1995 LSF Tournament ... AMA , Muncie, IN

Thanks to Mike Stump, LSF president at the time, for allowing me to showcase the type of contest I used for three years in the Great Lakes RC Soaring League, in Romeo, Michigan during the 95 LSF Nats contest.

The concept of the GLSL event was using my Mini Hi Starts in a Man on Man format to launch Hand Launch size sailplanes. This concept was very popular in Michigan, it offered contestants an equal launch height for an inexpensive sailplane.

We gathered nearly ever Saturday morning at the Romeo park to run this event. New comers to RC Soaring were attracted to this event and it was promoted on local TV interviews both in the studio and at our flying sessions.

Below are some of the photos taken at the 1995 LSF Nats that I CD'd.
Ray Hayes LSF 803

1995 Nats 1
1995 Nats 2
1995 Nats 3

Wings program Task form

My Task sheet, started in 1994. I have great memories in Michigan flying with a great group of guys. This was the beginning days of Hand Launch and my Mini Hi Start allowed many to fly HL that could not launch by javelin throwing. Same concept as the new ALES (electric powered sailplanes) class, all planes can reach the same launch altitude.

1994 plaque

Monthly Winners ..... Top Three Winners .....
March 26 Steve Martinez 1st Paul Sherman
April 9 Paul Sherman 2nd Doug Hoffman
April 24Paul Sherman 3rd Ray Hayes
May 7 Doug Hoffman
May 14 Ray DeNoble
May 21 Doug Hoffman
June 11 Ray Hayes
Sept. 10 Rick Waitulionis
Sept. 17 Ray Hayes
Oct. 1 Doug Hoffman
Oct. 9 Paul Sherman
Oct. 15 Paul Sherman

Tx case with accessories for HL

Have Contest - Will Travel

The open case is my personal Tx, Mini Hi Start and League task form. The other case contains 4 Mini Hi Starts I used to set up the contests for 1.5M in Romeo, Ml. The Kraft 3ch still works.

First mini-histart contest line-up

L-R Paul Sherman - Ray Hayes - Steve Martinez - Doug Hoffman

This was the first time ( 1992 ) for the Mini Hi Start contests, Hamilton - Parsons elementary school, Romeo, Ml.

More first mini-histart contest line-up

L-R Ray DeNoble - forgot his name - Hutch Hutchings - Paul Sherman - Doug Hoffman.

We are standing on a huge hill in the school play ground we used to hand launch from. New faces kept showing up for this event and I made arrangements with the Romeo Park dept to use their much larger park for our contests for several years.



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