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Ray's 2014 Summer Newsletter

I trust all you woody builders are out in the fresh air and sun light flying your creations, hand made RC Sailplanes built by you. The weather here in Fort Wayne, Indiana has been unusual to say the least. That definitely goes for California too. In my book, there is no greater satisfaction and pride in launching an RC Sailplane you made with your hands and time. Watching it soar at your controls, the beauty it holds for you, the pride that swells within you of your accomplishment can not be duplicated with off shore built and ready to fly purchases. Many folks are retuning to the art of building kits.

My best tip to New Builders or those coming back to building is please read my previous Newsletters, they are loaded with helpful building information and please read the How To's I have on my web

The OLY llS has information provided by Bobby Legue for how he installed an electric motor in his OLY llS is a must read. See this link Bob Legue's Electric Conversion on the OLY ll page. Also note the links to power equipment suppliers for sources and tips on my web pages.

The number one question is ... what size motor should I install. Well, it is all about watts the motor and battery combination produces. The simple answer is a simple equation. A range of 100 to 150 watts is normal. More watts produces a faster climb.

I am 79 years old, enjoy producing WOODY kits, I am 4-6 weeks behind on full kit orders, Partial Kits ship immediately. Customers are ordering several kits per order, maybe because I am 79. :-)

My order form has a column used for the purchaser to indicate if the kit will be built with an electric motor. Starting in August 2014, orders with a check mark in the "ELEC-MOTOR" column will receive four triangle wood pieces to be used if the builder desires to install the motor inside the fuse and make a rounded nose to match the Spinner diameter like my 2M Electric Lil Bird. The standard nose block will not be included in the kit, but will be replaced with a balsa block as an alternative. The four strips will be long enough to accommodate the width of various motor diameters, so trim to suit.

This will not apply to of all the different kits I have. The Sky Bench web will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as possible with photos.


Please do not add your Credit Card 3 Digit Security Code, located on the back of your CC, when placing an order.

More to come ....


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