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Ray's 2014 Spring Newsletter

First shipping of the new WF-XL kits April, 2014.
Mail your order now to be part of the Third Shipping.

WF-XL KIT ... $179.95

Now taking orders for kit with straight 1/4" diameter Injector heat treated steel core pin wing rod version.
Suitable for Hi-Start, Light Foot Winch launching,
Slope Soaring or as Electric Powered Sailplane.

Wing span 116"  Wing area 780 sq in.   Airfoil S3014

Plan drawn for RES plus optional flaps and ailerons.
Easily powered by electric

Currently shipping any Sky Bench kits is 2 to 4 weeks after receiving order. March 2014.
It has been a rough winter and too cold at times to work in the shop, heaters have proved to be too small. I'm still shoveling snow here.

Many customers are installing electric motors in my kits, any and all of them. Electric motors have been around since the 90's, I flew my black e-powered Big Bird in the 1998 KRC event in Pennsylvania. Another contestant was flying a Sky Bench kit too, my awesome performing 2M Osprey. You will be hearing more about my Ospreys. It is relatively easy to install the e-power package. Check the charts at the top of my "Electric Sailplane" page for help on deciding what size motor to use based on watts. The first two digits of the Ammo motors is the diameter of the motor. Also, use the "Gear Drive" link to select a gear box. More NEWS to come ... Check back soon!

Building Tip: secure the wire push rods with small pieces of tubing cut from the tubing provided in my kits to the fuse sides between the fuse formers to prevent bowing. I use a small dab of clear Silicone glue on the tubes. Do this before you add the top/bottom. I bought a built OLY lll and had to open up the bottom of the fuse to anchor the push wires. I could hear the rudder push wire hitting the side of the fuse by moving the rudder by hand while the servo/Rx was turned on.

Push-Rod Installation Tips

Wing Construction Tips

Please Read the above articles

Notice: I'm changing some of the kits over to balsa instead of light ply on the front fuse sides. This will speed up builder construction time and save 3-4 oz, just what we are looking for when considering installing an electric motor.

UP-Date: July, 5th, 2013 ...
Unless you specify on your order a preference for the plywood front fuse sides, the following kits will have balsa front fuse sides and 1/64" plywood fuse side doublers:

Big Bird, Big Bird XL, OLY II, OLY IIS, OLY II SX and later the Sky Bird and OLY III


2013 AMA Nats RES contest.
Doug Pike placed 4th with his Sky Bird
and was top Woody pilot again.

Congratulations to the Winner of this January annual
2014 New Years Day Postal Woody Contest!

Winner of the Class A

Steven Willcox
Goodyear, AZ
1 hour 1 minute 32 seconds

Flight Task was Longest Flight with any number of attempts.

Final Steps to your Sailplanes Maiden Flight

Final Steps for flying an R/C Plane

More to come ....


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