Ray's 2010 Fall Newsletter

Welcome to Sky Bench.

I hope your thinking about your next building project. Many of us, this time of year, call it our "Winter Build", a long time tradition of first deciding what kit to purchase and the wonderful anticipation of putting it together and visions of seeing it fly. There is something very special about flying what you build.

The big news now days is converting pure sailplanes to electric powered. Several valid reasons have brought us to this new stage'. Our flying fields are smaller, sports fields, etc. and that means shorter winch or tow lines. The e power components of today weigh a 1/3 of the early motors and batteries. This means no penalty due to extra weight. So the door is wide open to a very convenient way to launch and fly.

Sky Bench is well positioned to be a large part of this new approach to launching and I hope the end results are more RC Sailplane fliers and stronger Sailplane clubs. Flying sailplanes is a great hobby, a great way to master new skills, enjoy the great outdoors and discover new feelings of accomplishment and pure joy seeing your creation circling in lift and climbing higher with every circle.

My web pages, over time, will become more helpful in the selection of power packages and props. Currently, there is a fair start in this direction, but you will have to spend some time reading my web to gain the info. So take your time visiting Sky Bench, you can learn much from my site.


I take great pride in producing my Sky Bench kits and it takes a lot of time to hand select the wood and cut the parts in my shop. I sublet the laser cutting to a Professional source and the parts are dead on accurate. Trust the laser parts, not the construction plan, it is paper and subject to moisture and printing anomalies. Since I am a one man show, I seldom am near the phone to answer calls ( I have learned the hard way not to carry a hand held phone while working in the shop ). The really bad thing about this is returning calls ... Telephone tag ... you call me and get a recording, I call you and get a recording. Different time zones .... and at 75 and counting, I physically can't do 24/7.

You can send the PDF order form by email or make a copy of the order form or facsimile and send it by email, fax or POST.


Your order may take a week to three weeks, sometimes longer, before I can ship my Quality Kits. There is no instant gratification involved with a quality hand mfg. woody kit or the building of it.

If you have been on my site and return to it, click your refresh/reload to bring my web up to date. Something new is put on it almost weekly.

I am sorry for this inconvenience, but these restrictions to ordering is the only way I can mfg my kits to the highest quality level with in the time I can devote to this process.

Ray Hayes LSF 803


Sky Bench, Ft Wayne, IN 46804

E Mail: skybenchone@gmail.com