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2016 Sky Bench Newsletter


Meet the family pooch - Bella

Al, my long time laser cutter has passed, I have pretty much settled on his replacement and things are showing signs of smoothing out. One exception, I have experienced a step in the aging process and have noticed I am slowing up the production some. Sorry about that. This spring I passed out while hiking a 4 hour Smokey Mountain Trail caused by dehydration and that probably didn't help much. Water bottles were in the car trunk. Duh ....

Thank you very much for being so patient waiting for your orders to be shipped. I have been very impressed with my Sky Bench customers.

Looking forward to 2017, I am waiting for confirmation on my requested dates from AMA for another Wood Crafters event .. # 9. Jack Smith and I will again be your host plus we have an addition to our crew, Barb Robinson. Barb will be in charge of having our Saturday Night Dinner, Scoring and she and Bob will also be flying with us. Barb and Bob Robertson have been in the RC Soaring scene as long as I have, they competed in the first sanction contest I put on, November 1974. We have been involved with putting contests on ever since. Watch for more # 9 information to come.

I have new models coming, but no information until I have LASER PARTS !

Converting the Sky Bench kits to electric powered is about 75 % of orders. My first conversion was 1998, a Big Bird that I still have with an old heavy Astro Flight motor. I'm going to install E-Power in a Windlord, 2M Osprey, and others to increase my E-Power Fleet. This will make this 81 year old more efficient at the flying field.

I'm back to feeling optimistic about the future of producing Sky Bench kits for all you talented builders. I know the turn around time will start improving immensely on orders, that will make me and customers very happy. So hang in there.

Woodys Forever


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