Ray Hayes

Ray's 2015 Newsletter


It has been a difficult year for my Sky Bench customers and it is not getting any better unless the new laser cutters I'm currently working with get past the kit DXF files issues. I have a big thank you for the patience most all the customers have had while waiting for their orders to be filled. Thank You All Very Much.

My laser cutter of many years health issues has been devastating to the flow of kits produced and new kits that were coming, but now shelved. Al is a great guy and I miss him.

Information: I have never had kits on the shelf, want a Sky Bench kit, send the order form or facsimile by mail or e-mail. Wait time is hard to predict because of the new laser cutters coming on board, full kits take approximately 2 to 6 weeks, partial kit can be next day shipping if I have the laser parts.

The AMA flying field has been secured June 4 - 5 - 2016 for another Wood Cfraters event. Send an email to skybenchone@gmail.com to get on the e-mail Notification List for info and entry form. Use this link to the past seven Wood Crafters events. There will be lots of electric events.


It is beginning to snow as I am typing this here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, hope you all have a great building season. It's a great Hobby!

Woodys Forever

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