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The Electric Sparky
Electric Sparky

The All Weather Electric Sparky
Electric Sparky geared for all weather flying

The Electric Sparky Framed up The Electric Sparky Framed up The Electric Sparky Framed up The Electric Sparky Framed up The Electric Sparky Parts

Electric Sparky

64 inch wing span

Laser Cut balsa and plywood parts ... $ 79.95

Includes pre shaped landing gear
hardwood landing gear mount and hardware
all laser cut parts. Order plans from AMA.

AMA Plan Service

The kit is Don Srull's Electric Sparky construction article and plan as it appeared in the July 1983 issue of Model Aviation magazine. Wing span is 64" and Don powered his with a .05 geared electric motor. Order plan 414, Model Aviation plan Service includes construction article. Today, we have the choice of much lighter weight motors and batteries that will allow s Don's design to really perform well.

Approximately 460 sq in wing area and today's powerful but much lighter weight geared motors and batteries should make this a true joy to build and fly. It will be an eye catcher at your flying area and with a relatively light wing loading, very easy to fly and I'm betting it will make a very good Park Flyer to enjoy thermal flying.

The motor mount parts are laser cut according to Don's plan for the .o5, so some modifications will be needed to mount a geared speed 400. I may cover mine with tissue and dope, Micafilm or a light weight low heat shrink plastic covering.


Landing Gear:

The plans show three hardwood blocks used to secure the pre formed two piece landing gear wire, the kit uses a one piece block that is much stronger and simpler to install. The landing gear is removable if you wish to fly the Electric Sparky without the wheels.

The Electric Sparky's landing gear

Sub Rudder:

For greatly improved strength, the three balsa pieces have been changed to six 1/16" thick pieces and are laminated to both sides of the laser cut 1/64" ply piece. Glue three pieces to one side of the 1/64" with wood glue and place weights on the structure. Let dry overnight under the weights, do the same for the opposite side. This should hold up under the rigors of landing an Electric Sparky.

Bob Long's Sparky

Bob Long's Sparky, thanks for the photo Bob.
- Ray



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