Dale Leggett and his Sky Bench Viking

Dale and his electrified Viking


I know you are busy and may not have time to read this. I purchased one of the Viking kits a few months ago (?) and from the start planned it as a self-launcher after I read your notes about ballast. The motor and gear box is a Master Airscrew which I had from another project. I installed the gear box upside down to get it in the nose and relieved the bottom of the fuse under the gear to accommodate. The sub C 7 cell pack just slides under the forward wing rod and required only a small notch in the top of bulkhead for the battery wires. The plane balanced on the CG without any additional weight. I haven't weighed the plane, but took you at your word that it would fly with this weight. Power on, using a 12/8 folder and a slight push, and it flies right out of my hand. 35 seconds of run time puts me well above any high start.

Dead air flights are on the order of 15 minutes. Any lift at all and I'm up until my neck gets tired. Great plane! Great kit! By the way, without the spoilers I don't know if I could get it down. Covering is white oracover on the fuse and scarlet oracover lite on wings and stab.

Dale Leggett




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