Compitition Flying ......

The guys that consistently win or place high in sailplane contests are the better pilots. If your flying group had a contest that everyone flew the same sailplane, the better pilots would be at the top.

Being competitive largely depends on skill, the path to gaining skill is flying the same sailplane and lots of practice. Practicing means ... No practice flight without a predetermined time goal, instead of just flogging around hoping to bump into lift. Practicing means no flight without a landing tape. Practice means flying in wind conditions, cloudy days, clear blue high pressure and humid low pressure days. Flying during the day to simulate the day time weather conditions you will be flying a contest in. Flying after work when the winds are low and the lift is less dynamic will mess your mind up when trying to follow a thermal down wind or land in windy conditions at a contest.

A good sailplane pilot has hunter mentality and a strong desire to win, meaning, being competitive by nature. We are all Thermal Hunters to various degrees of intensity.

The average pilot has a much lower desire to win, doesn't practice fly very much if at all and tells his buddies he has to spend mega bucks on his sailplane to be competitive, which he is not regardless of how much he spends.

Mega buck sailplanes are beating woodys by virtue of their higher launch height. If you build your OLY lll strong enough to launch as high as the mega buck sailplanes, with practice, acquired skill and desire, you can put those wanna bees to shame.

If you want to enter your OLY lll in unlimited class contests, launch height and landing accuracy can be increased by using flaps. The flaps are not necessarily required to match the launch height of the Mega Buck's, but definitely required to match landing accuracy. Most inexperienced and unskilled pilots over use flaps.

Ailerons are not used as much on the current Mega Buck unlimited class sailplanes. The current designs use a larger fin/rudder to turn and are assisted by increased poly angles. Using the rudder has less determent to the glide efficiency than ailerons, that is why the Mega Bucks have changed to more poly, larger rudder and less use of ailerons.

Adding carbon to the top and bottom wing spars from root to poly joint is the first step to increased launch height by way of zoom launching, use a minimum of .060 thick carbon as wide as the spars.

Practice, Practice, Practice ......