Who We Are And What We Are About

Sky Bench is owned and operated by Ray Hayes. I started my obsession with model aviation when I was six years old building a rubber powered free flight plane. I have acquired many friends from coast to coast through my participation in r/c soaring contests and the production and retail sales of great flying laser cut r/c sailplanes kits. These friendships and experiences are undoubtedly the most treasured part of this great hobby of model aviation.

Sky Bench and the Wood Crafters Soar In Re Union event are devoted to the individuals that have the desire, patience, creativity and talent to construct and fly wood crafted planes for the shear pleasure and rewards of accomplishment that accompany building wood kits.

I hope you enjoy the many facets of my Sky Bench web site and return often to discover new products and interesting photos placed all over the web pages. There is a great deal of " HOW TO " information spread though all the kits.

Also, be sure to read my Newsletters and check out my other interests.

Sky Bench Newsletters:

Ray Hayes LSF 803 NSS 29

photo by Darwin Garrison
Ray at LOFT in March 2010
Ray with his 2m Lil Bird, LOFT field, March, 2010.

Ray's first hand catch
My first recorded hand catch, Florida winter vacation.
From the days of Kodak Instamatic Cameras, very early seventies.
A highly modified Windfree



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