1995 AMA/LSF Nats

Mini Hi Start Contest

Thanks to Mike Stump, LSF President, for allowing us Woody Guys to fly my Mini Hi Start contest at the 1995 AMA Nats. flying field, Muncie, IN.

This was a contest series, "Great Lakes RC Soaring League", I started for 1.5M sailplanes while living in Michigan that was greatly enjoyed by many. Simple group launching from my Sky Bench Mini Hi-Starts. A very easy and relaxing way to enjoy RC Sailplane competition and great comrade. Cheap too. We used the road for the launch pad, the Hi Starts were staked at the top of the hill. Funny, the winch launch part of the Nats this year launched from the top of this same hill into the same wind direction. The League held "Hand Launching" competition as well.

Ray Hayes LS 803 NSS 29

TV video - Ray's Great Lakes League

Launch Line
Ray's Great Lake Soaring League Launch Line
Ray's Great Lake Soaring League Pilots Lining Up
Ray's Great Lake Soaring League Launch More Pilots Lining Up
Doug Hoffman launching his 1.5m Osprey

Two small plastic cases, one held the five contest Mini Hi-Starts, score cards and pencils, the other case held my single stick Kraft TX, the Leagues Individual Task Accomplishment form and my practice Mini Start.

Unbelievable how much enjoyment these two cases provided and how easy it was to host a contest.

Two-case contest supplies

1994 League Trophy


Monthly Winners .....Top Three Winners.....
March 26 Steve Martinez 1st Paul Sherman
April 9 Paul Sherman 2nd Doug Hoffman
April 24 Paul Sherman 3rd Ray Hayes
May 7 Doug Hoffman
May 14 Ray DeNoble
May 21 Doug Hoffman
June 11 Ray Hayes
Sept. 10 Rick Waitulionis
Sept. 17 Ray Hayes
Oct. 1 Doug Hoffman
Oct. 9 Paul Sherman
Oct. 15 Paul Sherman

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